The benefits and barriers of AI-powered content marketing

2 June 2023
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AI-powered content marketing creation


Imagine never having to experience writer’s block ever again. This is the power of Generative AI, a trusty aid that can assist with idea generation, alongside countless other activities. With this helpful tool at your disposal, you can accelerate creativity and ensure the ink never runs dry.

As the technology fuelling ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, this radical innovation is taking the world by storm, set to transform every major industry, including content marketing. With the future of work hanging in the balance, people are both hesitant and excited to embrace this emerging technology.

With a paradigm shift underway, creative, surprising use cases are sure to arise, each of which will change content marketing forever.

To gain insights into the current and future state of AI-powered content marketing, we spoke with several experts in the field. Through our conversations, we gained valuable information into how Generative AI will shape daily operations and activities in this rapidly evolving industry.

In today’s blog post, we will explore the benefits and barriers of generative AI for content marketing professionals.

The benefits of generative AI

Business benefits

Quick idea generation

Nearly every writer has had to contend with the blank page. When writer’s block sets in, it can be difficult to conjure up ideas at a moment’s notice. This is where generative AI comes in as a helpful assistant to aid in coming up with topics. Overall, the technology is able to produce ideas and content much faster than humans can, allowing for rapid ideation and experimentation.

AI gives you speed for drafting and saves research time

Once you have a topic in mind, generative AI can support the drafting stage. You can use the technology as a search engine — enter a detailed prompt and allow the chatbot to pull in information from various sources. As well, you can use the AI tool to map out an outline. This reduces the time required for research and speeds up the content creation process.

Time and cost savings, personalised content for target audiences, and data-driven insights for better strategies.

Not only can generative AI help speed up ideation, but it can also automate several parts of the content creation process, saving time and reducing costs. Additionally, the technology can create personalised content for specific target audiences, and provide data-driven insights to inform better marketing strategies. Altogether, this can make the lives of content marketing professionals easier.

Consistency, time spent to create and saliency

Using generative AI, you can ensure consistency in brand messaging and tone across large volumes of content. This, coupled with the ability to reduce the time and effort required to create content, allows marketers to focus on higher-level tasks. Additionally, generative AI can help ensure that content is relevant and salient to target audiences.

The clear benefit is that AI can do all of these things at a scale no human ever could

AI can be used to create and analyse vast amounts of data and content, providing insights and opportunities that would be impossible for humans to uncover on their own.

The barriers of generative AI

Barriers in business

AI has no empathy. That's up to the marketer!

Generative AI lacks the ability to understand human feelings and values. As a result, it can sometimes be challenging to create content that resonates with audiences on a deep emotional level. It is up to marketers to add empathy and warmth to the content they create.

Human reasoning and common sense

The biggest limitation is that human reasoning and common sense are not intentionally present in these systems, which can influence the quality and therefore a human in the loop will remain indispensable.

On its own, generative AI is unable to apply common sense or reasoning to the content it creates, which can lead to lower quality or inaccurate output. Human oversight and input are essential to ensure top-notch, accurate content creation.

Lack of control

In the event that AI content creation tools are not adopted in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner, it is possible that they can produce unexpected or unwanted content. In such a scenario, it can be difficult to control the output, which can lead to issues with brand messaging or reputation. It is mission critical for human talent to be brought into the mix to mitigate this risk.

Duplicated content with fake facts

Without human oversight, it is possible that brands run the risk of producing and circulating marketing copy that includes duplicated content and fabricated facts. Generative AI content creation tools might replicate existing material without proper attribution or verification. As well, it is possible that false information or misinformation is shared therein. With this in mind, it is crucial that humans are involved in the fact-checking process, ensuring that information is reliable, credible, and trustworthy.

AI makes you dependent and lethargic, requiring it to form your own words

As with any muscle, to keep it strong, you need to work on it. The same is true for writing. If people become too dependent on generative AI, they might lack the motivation to come up with new ideas or express themselves creatively with words. This can lead to less overall enthusiasm and energy when it comes to writing, leaving the human spark out of the equation.

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