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21 November 2023
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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key factor for successful inbound content marketing. Yet most marketing departments lack the in-house resources to perform effective SEO on their own. Contentoo offers a wide range of SEO services; strategic SEO consulting, content creation, and technical SEO support. All are focused on helping your brand overcome common challenges and achieve a better ROI for your content marketing activities.

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As a digital marketer, you know better than anyone how important it is for your brand to be visible and easily findable online. At the same time, the rising price of paid ads and the rapid decline of third-party cookies have left many brands looking for new, cost-effective ways to raise visibility and attract organic traffic to their own websites.

Your owned media channels (especially your website) could now be your most powerful asset for raising brand awareness and attracting new business. To make it happen, though, you’ll need a strong search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy in place.

For most marketing departments, SEO is not a task you can handle on your own. You may lack the resources and tools – or simply the time – to conduct your own SEO research and develop your own strategy. That’s why most marketing teams outsource some or all of their SEO activities to third-party service providers. For those marketers, Contentoo has developed a full range of SEO services to help you achieve the best results.

Our SEO services are designed to cater to your brand’s needs. We base our approach on our years of experience supporting fast-growing brands and addressing the challenges you face as a marketer.

Below, we’ll share how we tackle those challenges and tell you about the benefits of using our marketer-friendly approach to SEO.

What is SEO content?

SEO content, in simple terms, refers to web content that is created and optimised with the primary purpose of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This content is crafted strategically, focusing on specific keywords and phrases that users are likely to search for when looking for information, products, or services.

In addition to (on-page) keyword optimisation, SEO content also uses technical and off-page optimisation tactics. Read more about these tactics in our recent article, Unveiling the truth: Is SEO still worth it?

Why is SEO content important for businesses?

Many marketing experts believe that SEO is becoming even more important than ever for businesses as online advertising costs continue to rise and marketers can no longer rely on 3rd party data.

At the same time, many marketers are shifting their focus away from outbound tactics (advertising) and embracing inbound content-driven marketing strategies. In fact, our recent survey of hundreds of top marketers worldwide found that 41% of them now use an inbound-only strategy.

There are many powerful motivators behind the inbound-only craze, including:

  • Better ROI: Studies consistently show that the cost per lead for inbound marketing is at least 60% lower than that of outbound marketing.
  • More trustworthy: Customer-focused brands understand that 75% of their customers do not trust ads and that people are much more likely to trust relevant, helpful, fact-driven content that addresses their needs and interests.

With those key motivators in mind, here are some of the main benefits that brands enjoy when adopting an SEO-driven inbound content marketing strategy:

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1. Better SERP rankings and brand visibility

Plain and simple: Applying SEO best practices makes your content easier to find online. The higher you rank on Google, the more people will come into contact with your brand.

2. Better alignment with your target audience

SEO is about predicting and catering to your audience’s needs. When you optimise your content for search, you are actually aligning it with your audience’s preferences.

3. Creating a valuable content experience

The most effective SEO tactics focus on ensuring a meaningful, helpful experience for your audiences. In short, they improve the quality of your content, which results in a stronger relationship with your customers.

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7 key elements of effective SEO content

So, what are the key elements that matter most for SEO success right now?

1. Clear focus on user intent

Understanding what your audience is searching for is crucial. Tailor your content specifically to address their questions, needs, and pain points.

2. Keyword research and optimisation

Thorough keyword research is the core of SEO content. That means using the right tools to find relevant keywords. But it also means using keywords in natural contexts within high-quality, well-crafted content – not keyword stuffing.

3. User experience – including optimising for mobile

This includes structuring content so that it’s easily readable: using a clear outline, headings, bullet points, and plenty of white space. It also means ensuring every page of your content is optimised for viewing on mobile devices, since over half of all web searches now come from mobile devices. Optimising for mobile is especially important since Google switched to its mobile-first approach to ranking content.

4. Multimedia content

Visual content enhances user engagement, which drives your content’s SERP performance even higher. Always include high-quality images, videos, infographics, and charts to support written content.

5. Internal and external links

Incorporate internal links to other relevant pages on your website. Also include links to authoritative sources, as this adds to your content’s credibility. Importantly, keep your content’s links up to date: using the right tools or services, you can audit and automatically update or remove dead links.

6. Backlinks

Securing backlinks to your content (when other websites include links to your content and refer to it as a source) helps drive your website’s domain authority. This improves your SERP ranking, as sites with higher domain authority are known to be more trustworthy.

7. Content quality

Google has repeatedly made clear that its top priority is to showcase content that is “helpful, reliable and people-first”. This means creating content that is focused on your audience’s needs, that tells the truth, that answers real questions, and, ideally, that adds original value that audiences will not find elsewhere.

Why is it so difficult to get SEO right?

Despite the importance of SEO, it is a topic that many marketers struggle with on a daily basis. As an SEO service provider to many of the world’s fastest-growing brands, Contentoo has seen first-hand many of the challenges marketers face. Here are some of the top challenges we encounter. Maybe some of these challenges sound familiar to you?

1. Lack of time, resources, tools and expertise

These issues are often closely related to tight budgets or small team sizes. If you are working for a fast-growing company, chances are, your entire marketing department consists of 10 people at most. It’s often simply not possible to have a full-time SEO strategist on staff.

2. Lack of a realistic strategy

With no one to take full ownership of your team’s SEO activities, it’s impossible to develop a realistic, long-term SEO strategy. As a result, your SEO activities are performed ad hoc, and it’s hard to keep a clear overview of what to do next.

3. Lack of access to tools

SEO is a data-driven science. To succeed, you need access to the latest tools. In today’s jungle of marketing tech solutions, it’s hard to know which tool is best for your brand’s specific needs.

4. Outdated/irrelevant SEO practices

If no one on your team has time to devote their full attention to SEO, you quickly lose touch with the latest SEO trends and best practices.

What types of SEO services and freelancers does Contentoo provide?

To help marketers overcome the common challenges listed above, we’ve developed a full range of SEO content services. Contentoo connects your brand with the professional talent and skills you need to get your SEO strategy on track. Here are the SEO services we offer:

1. Keyword research and strategy

Our international talent network includes SEO keyword researchers and strategists with experience in all B2B and B2C industries.

2. Expert SEO content creators

The Contentoo platform connects brands with best-in-class content creators from around the world. These professional content creators incorporate SEO best practices into every stage of the content creation process.

3. AI-powered content refresh at scale

Need to quickly refresh a large volume of content to adjust its keyword focus? Our AI-driven content refresh service enables brands to quickly manage even the largest content refresh tasks. For example: Recently, Contentoo helped PropertyGuru automatically refresh over 100,000 property listings, resulting in 14% higher SERP rankings on Google at an 80% lower cost compared to manual content refresh (which would not even have been feasible, considering the very large content volume).

4. SEO specialists

If your team lacks the SEO expertise to develop and execute your own SEO strategy, our specialised consultants can help. We can connect you with the right SEO expert for any task, no matter which industry or market you’re targeting.

5. Technical SEO

Our freelance talent pool also includes technical SEO specialists who can help you optimise your content behind the scenes to ensure a better user experience and improve your SERP rankings.

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SEO content services: Benefits of using Contentoo

Because of our extensive experience working with brands to improve their SEO performance, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our clients over the years. Here’s why so many marketers say they trust SEO content services from Contentoo:

1. The marketer-friendly alternative

Our services are developed by and for marketers. We offer transparent pricing and do everything we can to ensure you’re satisfied with your ROI. Outsourcing your SEO content activities to us is a convenient, scalable, and budget-friendly strategy compared to hiring, training, and maintaining full-time staff.

2. Easy workflow

Our user-friendly platform automatically gives you a streamlined workflow and a one-stop location for collaborating and interacting with pre-screened freelance professionals from our global talent network.

3. The best SEO experts

Our clients tell us that our SEO experts get the job done right. Their experience and up-to-date knowledge bring a competitive edge to your SEO strategy.

4. The best SEO content creators

We work only with best-in-class content creators with a track record of excellence. Each content creator on our platform is carefully pre-screened and matched with our clients based on their specialisations and industry expertise.

5. In-depth audience engagement

Because our SEO specialists and content creators bring extensive industry experience to the table, they know how to cater to your niche audiences’ specific needs. This ensures that your content is relevant and engaging.

6. The data speaks for itself

With our support, our clients regularly experience double-digit improvements in key metrics, such as on-page conversion, organic traffic, and SERP rankings.

7. Focus on best practices that actually work

The Contentoo community is dedicated to applying the latest data-driven marketing best practices. We combine innovative generative AI tools and the best of human talent to deliver content that outperforms.

Looking for a better way of doing SEO?

Want to learn more about why so many brands trust Contentoo with their SEO strategy and implementation? Check out our Why Contentoo page and see for yourself! 

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What are SEO content services?

SEO content services include key tasks like SEO strategy consulting, keyword research, content creation, and technical SEO support. These services help marketers fill in gaps in their own teams’ skills and overcome common challenges.

Why is it important to invest in SEO content services for long-term success?

Inbound content marketing is a proven strategy for building your brand and increasing conversion over a long period of time (months to years). It takes search engine visibility to succeed in content marketing. That’s why SEO is vital to your brand’s success.

What is the potential impact of well-optimised content on brand visibility and growth?

By ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), you raise brand awareness and build trust in your brand. You make it easier for your leads and customers to find and engage with your content. You also increase organic traffic to your website, which contributes to an increase in engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

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