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Turnaround Times

Trustmoore significantly sped up its content creation process, making it more efficient and less dependent on in-house experts.

Brand Visibility

The content helped position Trustmoore as a thought leader, improving its online presence and engagement.

Reliable Support

Trustmoore gained a dependable extension of its marketing team, ensuring content availability and consistency.



Financial Services


The Netherlands

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With dedication and personal attention Trustmoore offers corporate management, administrative, compliance, fund, multi-family office, structured finance, corporate expansion and startup services.

Client needs

Trustmoore needed to elevate its brand presence and expertise in corporate services through high-quality, specialised content that highlighted industry changes and their implications for clients, aiming to establish thought leadership and enhance client engagement.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo streamlined Trustmoore's content creation process by connecting them with skilled freelance writers who understood their industry's nuances. This allowed for the efficient production of targeted content that reflected Trustmoore's expert knowledge and brand voice.

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About Trustmoore

Trustmoore is all about the details. The corporate services provider is based in global leading financial centers and provides structured finance and capital markets services, fund services, multi-family office services, and corporate expansion services – taking care of administrative details and enabling their clients to focus on the bigger, more fundamental picture.

As Marketing Manager at the Trustmoore Group, Annelies Dos Remedios forms part of a four-person department and addresses all marketing- and communications-related needs, including the company website and its copy, social media posts, and impactful sales- enablement and lead-generation assets such as leaflets and white papers.

In this case study, she talks about the creation of high-volume content, thought leadership, the benefits of on-demand copy – and a partnership with Contentoo.

Getting noticed – and becoming industry thought leaders

We aim to be industry leaders, so content is very important for us to get our message out. We always need to be on top of changing legislation and regulations enabling us to keep our services up to date.

A lot of clients are introduced to us through lawyers, tax advisors and notaries, so we want our ambassadors to know how we can add value. Anything to do with corporate services is the most important.

Right now, we are running LinkedIn campaigns about our aviation services and our organic growth. We focus a lot on creating content about these kinds of topics but also new things, such as changes in tax regulations or laws. We need to play into that. How does it affect our clients? What do they need to be doing? What do they need to be thinking of?

Pre-freelance content creation – and new, streamlined processes

Before Contentoo, the biggest challenge was getting people to actually write content. We used to get our key people, who were the most knowledgeable on the subjects, to write the content, however, writing content was not a priority for them – they needed to focus on our clients. I wrote a lot of it myself, but my knowledge was sometimes limited.

Now, with Contentoo, it’s a lot easier. I just have to liaise with the key people regarding messaging, then liaise with the freelance talent in Contentoo, who prepare the text. Then I just have to get the key people to read through it and provide feedback. The process is a lot quicker.

Splintering content – and driving engagement and web traffic

Generally what we do is get Contentoo to write an article for our website, then derive a LinkedIn campaign from it, so we can have around six posts linking to one article.

When we started working with Contentoo, we had just revamped our whole website. We’d changed our layout and corporate branding. Contentoo helped us navigate the challenges that came with it.

Expansion – and a deepening relationship with freelance talent

Hopefully, our needs will grow. It’s been a bit of a crazy startup time with the pandemic, but the world seems to be getting back to normal, so hopefully the demand – and our marketing team – will only grow. That means new demand for articles and new content ideas. 

We actually have four people in our Contentoo freelance talent pool, but I tend to just work with one, mainly because she knows – after doing so many projects with us – what we need and what we are looking for in terms of tone of voice. She ensures all our content is written in line with our corporate style and editorial guidelines.

“After doing so many projects with Contentoo they know what we need and what we are looking for in terms of tone of voice.”

Freelance over full-time – and the benefits of on-demand copy

For us, copywriting is not a full-time job. We did have a part-time copywriter before we worked with Contentoo, but if there was ever a problem or that person was out, then we had nobody.

So reliability and continuity are big things – we always have Contentoo; if I need something quick, I can always get it. I don’t need to worry about someone being on leave or getting sick.

Even if we wanted to hire somebody, some months there’s no work, and other months there is a lot of work. The demand goes up and down, so there’s not even a steady 10 hours a week – sometimes it’s nothing, sometimes it’s a lot.

Annelies Dos Remedios on saved time – and both a hands-on and hands-off approach

For me, working with Contentoo saves a lot of time and hassle. I just give the briefing to a writer and I get the content back. I don’t have to chase anyone; normally, I’d be chasing them for what seemed like forever.

But now, for instance, it’s like, ‘OK you want to write about aviation. What’s the general message you want to give?’ Then you send that to a Contentoo freelancer and I get a piece of content back.

Starting projects on the platform is very user-friendly and easy. I would definitely recommend it to other organisations.

“We always have Contentoo; if I need something quick, I can always get it. I don’t need to worry about someone being on leave or getting sick.”

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Annelies Dos Remedios

Marketing Manager at Trustmoore

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