How Contentoo helped Sendcloud hit their content goals


Brand Awareness

The collaboration led to first-page Google rankings, enhancing Sendcloud’s visibility and thought leadership in the logistics sector.

Content Scaling

Contentoo enabled Sendcloud to rapidly increase content production without the need for additional internal hires.​

Turnaround Time

Contentoo’s process reduced content creation time, allowing Sendcloud to focus on strategic tasks and faster content deployment.​



Shipping Software


The Netherlands

Company type


About the client

Sendcloud helps online retailers, marketplaces, and fulfilment companies scale their operations and deliver great shipping experiences.

Client needs

Sendcloud needed to scale content production efficiently across multiple markets without expanding their internal team, focusing on quality content for SEO and brand positioning.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo's platform gave Sendcloud access to skilled freelancers for rapid content creation, enabling quick scaling and localisation of content across various markets.

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About Sendcloud

Within just seven years, logistics tech firm Sendcloud grew from a three-person operation into one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. In 2020, the “Financial Times” ranked Sendcloud #177 on its list of the world’s fastest growing companies.

Now, Sendcloud connects more than 15,000 online shops with more than 30 logistics companies, offering a full-service shipping solution catering to the e-commerce market by combining picking, packing, shipping, tracking, insurance, and returns.

For Sendcloud, content marketing is a key area for the organisation’s brand strategy, with a focus on thought leadership and lead generation. Yet with its expansion into seven markets, there were challenges in rapidly scaling content output.

Here, Iris Dings, Head of Content at Sendcloud, speaks on the topic – as well as the flexibility, support, saved time, and collaborative working processes of freelance content creation.

International expansion – and resulting output challenges

Sendcloud was one of the first companies of its kind. Our content shows our audience what we can do for them, but it also shows them that we really are the experts at what we do. One of our main focuses is to provide really informative content that our audiences can use and interact with. I created the content myself and developed the initial strategy.

With each new national market we entered, we needed new, relevant content. You need the right blend of high-quality content. You have to know which topics are relevant, and what people are looking for. For us, it’s never been about quantity.

It takes time to create good content. Even though our team was expanding, we still needed more people to help keep up with our content output. It wasn’t sustainable for our national content specialists to deal with all the writing on their own.

With the kind of growth we were experiencing, we were asking ourselves important questions like: how can we scale and how can we scale efficiently?’

Scaling with Contentoo – and achieving content goals

Contentoo came at just the right moment. We were looking for a way to scale faster without having to hire 10 new people for each of our markets, just to write content. We really liked what Contentoo was doing and thought it would be a good match for us.

My team and I always come up with new ideas for content, but it’s so time-consuming to actually create it. And you have to be fast if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Take the coronavirus crisis, for example: we responded really quickly and created a lot of content about what that would mean for e-commerce logistics. This gave us first-page rankings on Google in almost every country where we operate. It is proven that content works.

We want to be the go-to company when e-commerce retailers think of shipping solutions, not just because of our product, but because of the in-depth information we provide. Content marketing helps us reach our goals, and that’s why we need Contentoo.

Before, we would have one country content manager working with one assistant – in some cases a full-time content specialist, in others a part-time marketing or content specialist – who would be struggling to keep up with the content needs for their market.

When we expanded to Italy, for example, initially there was just one person for all marketing activities. After a while, it became clear that we were going to need more people to produce the amount and the quality of content we needed. We just come up with our strategy in-house and then turn to Contentoo to produce the content we need.

Onboarding – and building relationships with freelancers

First, Contentoo gave me a demo that was really helpful to getting started on the platform. After that, I could also show my colleagues around, and everyone was able to get started really quickly.

It’s great to be in touch with your writers through the platform. You feel like you’re building relationships over time, and the content becomes better as a result.

Another good thing for me is that the platform gives me an easy overview over everything we have going on at any moment. So, I can always check to see where everything stands. We can also move really fast if we need to.

Flexibility and efficiency – and hours of time saved

Contentoo can connect us with any freelancer who is a match for us [for both language and topic], and it is super flexible. Whenever we need anything, they can always find a way to do it.

Another great thing about Contentoo is that you have a pool of writers to choose from. You can always find a writer, even if you need something on short notice. Contentoo saves us hours of work. It’s fast and efficient.

Optimising for SEO and writing a single piece of content, like a blog post, would normally take us around eight hours. Now, we just have to prepare a briefing and set a deadline. That alone saves us hours of work. Once we receive a first draft for a piece, we can just do a read-through and, if necessary, a quick revision round. It saves us hours of work. It’s fast and efficient.

Now, I know that we are going to get the job done properly, every time. And I think the content keeps improving. The more projects you run, the better it becomes and the more time it saves.

Brand awareness, thought leadership – and first-page SEO rankings.

For Sendcloud, content is about creating brand awareness and showing our thought leadership. We need our content to rank first-page in Google, so people see us and get triggered at the right time.

We work with Contentoo to create content that shows our audience how they can improve their shipping even further. They can see that we are leaders in our field, and we have the knowledge and experience to back that up. The only way to rank first-page is to be as thorough on a topic as possible.

Long content works very well for us to show our thought leadership and tell Google that we have all the information that people might need on a topic, whether it’s international shipping for e-commerce or the features that a specific carrier can offer. We like it when one piece covers every aspect of any topic.

Content localisation – and increased independence at work

Contentoo has really helped us to scale up our blog post creation. Sendcloud releases product blog posts to help our product marketing inform clients about the latest developments in our platform. But we also need blog posts that target specific local topics in our various national markets. Or sometimes, we want content that works internationally.

We can get Contentoo to write content in English and then ask them to translate and fully localise those pieces for the national markets we are targeting.

In this way, Contentoo helps us achieve our goals. But it is a two-way story: it’s collaborative. The thing that helps most is that we have such easy communication with them, so we can easily get in contact if anything needs to be worked out.

I think for me and my colleagues, working with Contentoo means that we can all be more independent in our jobs. Sometimes we have super busy weeks with lots of ideas. We have high priority ideas, and we need to get a lot done.

We would never be able to get the content published efficiently if we had to take care of all of that ourselves. And again, when you’re scaling up as quickly as we have been, it’s important to be fast.

“It’s great to be in touch with your dedicated freelance writers through the Contentoo platform. You feel like you’re building relationships over time, and the content becomes better as a result.”

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Iris Dings

Head of Content at Sendcloud

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