Build your own dream team

The Contentoo platform lets you build your own team, with all the professional content marketing talent you need, from content creators, to translators, designers and even content strategists.

Here you’ll find the best freelancers for any specialisation, working in every industry and in more than 12 languages. Our specially developed onboarding method ensures that your freelancers become a part of your organisation, even though they’re not on your payroll and don’t work in your office.

Plus, we guarantee that a freelancer will always be available when you need one, and we take care of the invoicing and administration for you. With Contentoo, you get all the advantages of freelancer and in-house combined.

Get started with Contentoo in three steps:

How it works

1. Onboarding

First, you sign up on our platform. Our Customer Success team will quickly get in touch to help guide you through our onboarding. During this stage, you tell us which types of content you want to create and who your target groups are. We’ll help you choose the freelance specialists you’ll need to reach your goals. Our matching system connects you with the best freelancers for you. After that, we will onboard the freelancers too, so they are fully engaged with your organisation, your content goals and your strategy, just as if they were working in-house with you.

2. Matching

The Contentoo platform connects you with the best freelance content creators, SEO specialists and content marketing strategists all over the world. We have experts from every industry, including yours. Before being accepted onto our platform, each freelancer must prove their skills during an online assessment. We evaluate their writing abilities as well as their level of industry expertise. Our specially developed matching method connects you with the freelancers on our platform who have exactly the specialisations that you need. These freelancers will be added to your team and will work regularly with you from that point on. They are onboarded as if they were new employees with your company, except they are not on your payroll and do not work in your office.

3. Plan and create

The Contentoo platform makes it easy and efficient to brief your content marketing talent. Our dashboard gives you a full overview of the progress of your projects. Do you need some new ideas for original content? We can help you organise a brainstorm with your freelancers.