Why Contentoo?

In-house content creation is a major headache. Your teams are already stretched to the limit, but you’ve still got to find a way to scale up your content.

An agency might be able to connect you with the first freelancer they can find, but it’s highly unlikely that they’ll find the best person for the job. 

The Contentoo platform puts the world’s best freelance content creators, translators, content marketing strategists and other professionals at your fingertips. 

Of the thousands of freelancers who have applied to join our talent pool, we have hand-picked the top 10%. 

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Top talent

Creating the right content for your target groups requires an insider's knowedge of your industry. The freelancers on our platform are selected not only because of their excellent writing skills, but also because of their backgrounds and extensive expertise in specific fields, whether it's blockchain, tourism, finance, e-learning or beyond.

A team you can rely on

We don't believe in one-offs. That's why we do everything we can to help create a bond between our freelancers and your company and brand. Our freelancers engage with your content strategy, brand values and tone of voice. Working with them on our platform feels almost as if they were employees at your company.

A single platform for your workflows

Our handy briefing templates and other useful tools save time and prevent you from having to deal with lengthy back-and-forth by email. Work up to 80% faster and streamline your entire content creation process, from briefings to feedback and revisions.

The all-in-one solution

As our client, you will be supported by one of our Customer Success Managers who serves as your fixed point of contact. They will guide you through the onboarding process, select the right freelancers for you and make sure each project runs smoothly.