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Content marketing in the (pop) music world

Art and business have more in common than your might think. At their core, both worlds are about selling as many products as possible, maximising profits and growing.

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important tool for achieving these goals. The old wisdom of ‘the customer is king’ is quickly transforming into ‘content is king’.

Strong content enhances a company’s brand image and builds a better relationship with consumers. Nobody is better at this than today’s pop stars. The business world is well-advised to learn from their example.

Pop artists and content marketing

The artists above fully appreciate the value of content marketing. Alongside their music, they use social media to get their stories across to their fans. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not music platforms, but that doesn’t stop pop artists from using them intensively every day. Whether they’re selling something new or just keeping top-of-mind with their fans, they try every day to promote their own personal brands. This is a crucial aspect of maintaining strong ties with their audience. More and more companies now see how online content is a useful tool for expressing their ‘personality’ and brand image to potential customers.

Research shows that the world’s digital population has now reached 4 billion people, three-quarters of whom are online every day. This gives artists and companies new opportunities for creating a bond with new and existing customers.

Going viral

The ultimate test for content marketing is how willing your target group is to share the content. If readers really value the content, they will be far more likely to share it with others in their network. In the best case scenario, the content will even go viral, spreading your brand’s message to an ever-increasing audience. There are countless examples of pop artists using viral marketing to rapidly expand their fanbases.

Case study: Drake

Drake is an expert when it comes to exploiting viral content marketing. With around 153,000,000 followers, he is by no means the most-followed pop star on social media, but that doesn’t stop him from using viral content to his advantage.

The video for his hit song ‘God’s Plan‘, which has been viewed more than 1 billion times, shows Drake entering a supermarket. He pulls out a megaphone and announces that he’ll pay for the groceries of everyone in the store. Throughout the video, Drake is shown giving cars, clothes and cash to those less fortunate. This message clearly resonates with a broad audience, considering the record number of views the video has gone on to achieve. When content has an emotional impact on us, we like to share it with our family and friends, so that they can also take part in the experience. Drake’s video is a prime example of high-quality content that reaches its target group to very successful effect.


Whether you’re a fan of Drake’s music or not, you can definitely learn a few marketing tricks that have worked for him. The key is to apply Drake’s approach to your own marketing strategy to get the most out of your content. Content is king, and no matter how you look at it, it all comes down to knowing your target group, producing quality content and creating a message that resonates.