Podcast: the ultimate distribution channel for your content

6 September 2022
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What is podcasting?

Podcasting is a great method for attracting attention to your content among your target groups. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular around the world today. But what is a podcast exactly? And how did it get its name?


A podcast is an audio file that you can download onto your smartphone or stream on various platforms like Spotify or iTunes. In recent years, some of the world’s leading news organizations like BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera have been putting out (daily) podcasts. The term “podcast” is a combination of the words “iPod” (the original mp3 player from Apple) and “broadcast.”

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The new live radio

There’s a transformation taking place in the world of radio. More and more people are consuming on-demand audio instead of listening to live radio broadcasts. Live radio focuses above all on breaking news, while on-demand audio is about broadcasting in-depth background information. 


However, the rise of podcasts is not a threat to live radio. Live radio is a form of mass media, while on-demand audio/podcasts target specific niche audiences.


Nine benefits of podcasting:

1. Podcasts are consumed primarily by discerning listeners. These are people who are looking specifically for content about subjects that interest them, so they devote more attention. 


2. Podcasting is an innovative form of communication, offering in-depth information whenever the listener wants it. Unlike newsletters, TV commercials and online ads,


3. Podcasts are not bound to any specific rules. They come in all different lengths and formats. Because of this flexibility, they can offer a personalized, high-impact listening experience. The magic of audio is all about capturing the listener’s imagination.


4. Ad-blockers have no effect on podcasts. This makes podcasting an even more interesting medium for advertisers.


5. Podcasts create an intimate bond with audiences.


6. The listener decides for themselves how and when they want to listen to the podcast. There are many apps, for example, that allow you to listen to podcasts for free. You can also listen to podcasts via Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.


7. Multiple studies have shown that people tend to avoid advertisements. If the narrator of a podcast highlights a specific brand, however, this is usually not perceived as advertising.


8. Podcasts provide plenty of room for telling stories which can be spread out over multiple episodes.


9. Podcasts are easily trackable. You can see exactly how long people listen and whether they are skipping over any advertisements. According to statistics from Apple, 80 to 90 percent of listeners play podcasts from start to finish.


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