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Podcasting tips: From strategy to conversion

Are you trying to achieve brand recognition? Share knowledge? It is time to start podcasting! Podcasts are now more popular than ever.

As we’ve already discussed in an earlier blog post, podcasts are more popular than ever. The post below gives you four tips for creating the perfect podcast. How can you make sure your podcast leads from strategy to conversion?

Podcasting tip 1: Strategy

It doesn’t take much to create a podcast: a microphone and some recording software. Of course, you also need to know what the purpose of your podcast will be. Are you trying to achieve brand recognition? Share knowledge? Once you’ve figured this out, and decided who your audience is, it’s time to make a plan. Use this checklist to create your strategy. 

Podcasting tip 2: Creation

Creating your podcast is often the hardest step, because not everyone has the right voice for it. Plus, you also need to know how to talk. For example, it’s important to speak at a consistent tempo and to be expressive. No one enjoys listening to a lot of mumbling. Stick to your script and follow a timeline. When recording your podcast, it’s important to use a good microphone. The biggest turn-off for podcast listeners is poor audio quality. After you’ve finished recording, it’s essential to edit your content. For example, cut out the parts that don’t sound good and add some music here and there.

Podcasting tip 3: Distribution

Once your podcast is ready for listening, share it online. There are many different platforms where you can upload your podcast, including Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes. SoundCloud releases a code that you can use to post your podcast on WordPress by embedding the code on your site. Of course, you can always share your podcast via all your social media channels. If it’s your first time podcasting, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a huge response all at once. You can attract some listeners by promoting your podcasts through social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Podcasting tip 4: Conversion

What does your podcast do for your business? Think back on the purpose you chose for your podcast. Was it to achieve more brand recognition? Or to share knowledge? Or maybe both? Ultimately, you want to generate more sales. So, which statistics do you need to track, and how do you do that? Tracking your podcast’s performance can be tricky. The biggest problem is that podcasts are downloaded onto the listener’s own device, which means you cannot see exactly how much of it they have listened to. Even streaming podcasts are downloaded in the form of temporary files. This means the number of downloads is your measure for success. Here, you can read more about tracking the conversion rate of your podcast