Why outsourcing content creation is a key trend in 2024

5 December 2023
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Outsourcing content creation is set to be a defining trend in 2024. Currently, 75% of businesses use external content creators, a figure that’s likely to increase in the coming year. 


Because the market needs high-quality content delivered at scale to power growth. As budgets get tighter, companies are searching for value and they can get it by going to the freelance market.

Outsourcing is transforming digital marketing, with freelancers offering flexibility, diversity, and capacity at an affordable cost. Here’s what you need to know about the global content marketplace.

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Why outsourcing content creation will accelerate in 2024

In a digital world, high-quality content is critical to the success of every business, but creating it is hard. A recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute found that 57% of marketing insiders say creating the right content for their audience is a challenge.

They want content optimised for SEO, of a consistently high quality and different from that created by competitors. As search engine algorithms have advanced, marketers are investing in high-quality content that adds value.

Simply put, they want original, engaging, and exciting content and they’re going to the freelance market to create it.

Finding high-quality talent that wants to commit to a company is a challenge. The Content Marketing Institute found that 39% of managers find it tough to connect with talent with the skills they need. Instead of investing in building larger in-house, brands find they can get more bang for their buck by outsourcing. It’s easier than ever for companies to access a global talent pool of specialist content writers with the skills they need, without the overhead.

One of the key benefits of outsourcing content in 2024 is flexibility. While inflation has peaked and interest rates are stabilising, global events mean predicting the future is hard. Outsourcing content creation to a specialist agency enables content marketing managers to have greater control over spending. Content production can be turned on or off as the situation and strategy change.

Working with freelancers is easier than ever before. In the past, working with a content marketing agency was expensive and high-involvement but things are changing.

Today, platforms like Contentoo enable brands to connect with freelance specialists across the world. It’s a cost-effective, scalable, and safe way to accelerate content production.

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Focus and flexibility: The role of freelance content creators

Imagine having access to a pool of subject matter specialists who are ready and waiting to write about anything from Artificial Intelligence to the latest developments in the automotive industry. Instead of going through a lengthy onboarding process, you can access their skills immediately on a project basis at a price you can afford.

That’s the reality for brands that are outsourcing content creation in 2024.

In a post-pandemic world, European workers want more than a 9-5 job, especially those in digital marketing and content creation. Across Europe, talented freelancers can develop a profitable portfolio of clients, working on projects that interest and excite them.

Freelancers can provide expert skills on demand without the ongoing costs and complexity of managing a team member. Brands can scale their content creation efforts up or down as required by the strategy of the business and its financial circumstances.

As we’ve seen, brands are searching for high-quality content that connects with readers. Freelancers can provide a welcome new perspective on content projects, introducing greater diversity and driving success.

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Cutting costs: Why you should consider outsourcing content in 2024

Marketing budgets are under pressure as brands must constantly adapt to challenging and changing economic circumstances. Using freelancers gives marketing managers greater flexibility to manage limited budgets, stretching every cent as far as possible.

Outsourcing enables managers to more closely manage and control budgets. Instead of investing significant amounts in an in-house staff member, brands can simply pay for the outcomes they want. This could be anything from a single blog post to an integrated content strategy and everything in between. Instead of investing in people, outsourcing means you’re getting a specialist to solve your problems.

Outsourcing enables businesses to precisely control spending, with many finding working with specialists a more cost-effective strategy. Subject matter experts require less briefing and managing, and their work requires less editing than other options, optimising the content production process. The result is better content at a cheaper price. Sound good?

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How outsourcing is reshaping the content marketing landscape

Outsourcing is reshaping content marketing in new ways. In-house teams can be freed from the grind of generating ideas, building briefs, and creating content, and focusing on the strategic role content can play in the digital marketing process.

Instead of viewing content production as an overhead, it’s an opportunity to try new approaches, create new connections, and boost your business.

Access to a global talent pool enables brands to rapidly scale content production and introduce fresh, new, and diverse perspectives that can engage readers. Each day, millions of pages are published online, with only a few offering genuine value and insight. Engaging freelance talent from across the globe is an effective way to differentiate your company from the crowd.

Emerging trends in digital content outsourcing: what to expect in 2024

We know that outsourcing content creation is one of the defining trends for 2024, but what about AI? In the future, AI will transform content creation but there are still concerns among markets and a lack of control and guidance on how best to use it, the Content Marketing Institute found. We’re likely to see more testing and development, but human freelancers remain in the driving seat (at least for now).

Alongside the increase in AI content, we can see that the demand for multilingual content is one of the growing trends in digital content outsourcing, especially among large brands that operate in multiple territories. There’s a growing need to create content for voice search, reflecting the changing way in which we search for and consume content. Brandsare also investing in a variety of content types, with video, audio, and animation increasingly important.

We can also see brands making better use of existing content assets. Optimising existing content and creating new content is crucial to successful SEO. Freelancers can provide industry-leading insights and expert support to help you ensure that every piece of content is pushing your business forward.

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Strategies for successful content creation outsourcing

Every brand considering outsourcing content creation needs a clear strategy. This is an essential part of the process and will ensure they can connect with freelance content creators with the capability, capacity, and confidence to create great content.

While freelancers can be expected to work independently, like in any relationship, communication is critical. It starts with the onboarding process, where you define your tone of voice, content goals, and expectations, and continues through the project. While a rock-solid brief, ToV guide, and brand briefing are essential, staying in touch and ensuring you’re available is equally as influential on the outcomes.

Today, marketing managers have access to a global talent pool of creatives and content producers who are ready and waiting to create work that gets noticed and delivers results.

Outsourcing is the defining trend for 2024. Brands can draw massive benefits from the flexibility, diversity, and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing but only if they do so intelligently, confidently, and strategically.

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