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Why brand awareness is just as important as driving conversion

26 March 2023
3 minutes

Key takeaways

  • What is more important? Brand awareness vs. Driving conversion.
  • Understand your customers’ pain points so you can determine which messaging and format adds the most value.
  • Focus on valuable, educational content that targets customers in the consideration stage. This type of content strengthens your brand while also helping to drive conversion.
  • Showcase customer success stories that emphasise the power of partnership, trust and shared responsibility. This shows how much your brand cares about its customers, while also proving how useful your company’s products are.
Building your brand is just as important as conversion. 50% conversion-driven content and 50% brand building content.

What the experts say about brand awareness: Survey results

The experts were split evenly between brand awareness and conversion driven focussed content: around 50% say conversion-driven content is their main focus during tough times, while the other half say they focus on brand awareness with brand-building content.

This split can also be seen in the metrics that the experts say they’re watching most closely now:

  • 61% say conversion metrics (CTR, CPA, ROAS, CPC, etc.) are important or very important to track at the moment.
  • 61% say branding metrics (SOV, reach, engagement, etc.) are important or very important to track at the moment.

Balance between brand awareness and driving conversion

Clearly the experts find it important to divide their focus equally during an uncertain economy.

That’s because potential customers are likely to be more price-sensitive. They want to be fully convinced before deciding to convert. As a result, brands need to work harder to put potential customers’ minds at ease. This is where building a strong, recognizable brand makes a powerful difference.

It takes flexibility and close knowledge of your customers’ pain points to offer content that resonates with them.

While you only see the bottle, you know the brand, right? That's the reason why brand awareness so important.

While you only see the bottle, you know the brand, right? This is the perfect example of (visual) brand awareness.

Best practices from industry leaders

According to Tom Hitch, Head of Content at Oktra: “A tough economy changes how we speak to prospective customers and our work pivots to match buying trends. Therefore, the content we produce becomes more sensitive and relevant to the scenarios people find themselves in.”

Munda Kamlesh says it is important to target the potential customer’s pain points while also assuring them of the solution: “The pain points that firms face during bear and bull runs change. During bear runs, firms focus on ensuring only essential resources are being used, and any resource they purchase should provide them leverage on either revenue or cost. The product does not change, nor the core messages; however, showcasing the relevant benefits ensures proper transmission of the message.”

That same expert went on to say: “Building trust is an important aspect of our growth journey. We try to build this through customer education and showcasing our capabilities in various content forms.”

Matthias Weber, Business Development Manager at DIE DIGITAL-WEBER, emphasised the importance of targeting potential customers with the right content at the right moment of the buyer journey: “A tough economy makes people more cautious about purchasing decisions. This makes it all the more important to provide the right information at the right time.”


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