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1 November 2023
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The vast majority of digital marketers outsource content creation to professional service providers. The benefits of outsourcing include saving time and money, augmenting your team’s expertise and lowering your workload. Contentoo offers a full range of content creation services developed with our customers’ needs in mind.

In addition to the best freelance talent and generative AI tech, we offer our own workflow platform, SEO and strategy support and transparent pricing. Discover why many of the world’s fastest growing brands trust Contentoo to manage their content creation.

Content is still the backbone of modern marketing, but as more and more digital marketers embrace it, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. The best content marketers are the ones who can beat their competitors by choosing the most relevant topics, creating engaging content and connecting with audiences in the right times and places.

As a content creation and strategy partner to many of the world’s fastest-growing brands, Contentoo has helped our clients in every industry to overcome their content marketing challenges. We’ve built Europe’s largest network of freelance talent and developed a comprehensive package of content creation services to help marketers like you reach your goals.

Whether you’re new to content marketing or interested in optimising your existing content activities, you’ll find all the support you need on the Contentoo platform. Below, we want to introduce our content creation services to give you a clear idea of how we work and how we can help you.

What are content creation services?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of content marketing. Or maybe you’re an experienced content marketer who’s seen those benefits for yourself.

Because content is such a useful marketing tool for achieving a wide range of business goals, around 97% of companies now use some form of content to reach their customers.

The demand for new, high-quality content is non-stop. In many cases, marketing teams lack the creative skills, industry expertise, SEO knowledge or simply the time and resources to create all the content they need themselves. That’s why around 84% of B2B brands and 55% of B2C brands regularly outsource their content creation to specialised partners like Contentoo.

We offer services that can support your brand with any – or all – aspects of your content creation, from brainstorming ideas, to content strategy services, SEO research, writing, editing, localising and beyond. We offer managed content services and packages that are catered specifically to your brand’s needs.

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How can content creation services benefit your business?

In our experience, every brand faces unique challenges when it comes to content marketing. That means everyone has a different reason for working with us on their content creation. Here are some of the main benefits we offer our clients through our content creation services:

1. Improved SEO performance

SEO is a full-time job that many brands cannot afford to do on their own. One of the main benefits of working with a full-service content creation provider like Contentoo is that:

  • We can connect you with specialised SEO strategists who can develop and maintain an effective SEO strategy for you.
  • We work with SEO-experienced content creators, editors and localisers who apply the latest SEO best practices and understand the science of search engine visibility in addition to the art of creating high-quality content.

2. Enhanced brand authority

With support from professional strategists and experienced writers, you’re better equipped to identify relevant topics that appeal to your target audiences. Our expert content creators also help showcase your brand’s thought leadership through original, creative ideas.

3. Increased audience engagement

Professional content creators like the ones in our network are master storytellers. They are experienced in using their words and visual designs to make an emotional impact. This ensures your messages are memorable, because storytelling has been scientifically proven to make information 22 times more memorable than merely reciting facts.

By boosting engagement, our content also helps elevate your brand authority, because engagement drives visibility, which helps establish your brand and grow a loyal audience.

4. Saving time and money

As you are probably well aware: 80% of marketing departments are now faced with understaffing and budget cuts. At the same time, content creation is a non-stop, time-consuming task. That’s why outsourcing is a useful option: it helps you generate the content you need, whenever you need it, without the need to hire expensive full-time staff members.

Plus, unlike your in-house team members, who have lots of different tasks to accomplish every day, freelance content creators devote their full attention to content creation. That means they can give your content the attention it deserves and deliver the quality you need, whenever you need it.

Discover how Contentoo can be a seamless, budget-friendly extension to your marketing department. 
Visit our pricing page to explore solutions designed for cost-efficiency and superior content delivery.

5. Tailored content strategies

In contrast to most agencies, Contentoo can offer you a comprehensive content creation experience: we can help you develop or optimise your content strategy by connecting you with an experienced content strategist. And best of all, we ensure that every freelance content creator we connect you with is fully onboarded to your brand, its content strategy and your team’s workflow.

Infographic of the importance of a content strategy in content marketing

Which content creation services does Contentoo offer?

Here’s a look at the different types of services we offer:

Copywriting & web content

Digital marketing is at the heart of our content creation services. We maintain an ever-expanding network of proven, best-in-class copywriters who specialise in creating key online content assets, including:

  • Blogging: Blog posts are probably the most popular content marketing format. They help you reach many different audiences and achieve many different messaging goals.
  • Press releases & news articles: When your company’s got something to announce, we can create journalist-friendly press releases and news articles that capture attention.
  • White papers and eBooks: Longer-form content is ideal for showcasing your thought leadership (especially for B2B brands).
  • Use cases: Another classic format for B2B content marketing, the use case is all about putting the focus on your customer’s story, their success and how your solution contributed to it.
  • Social media content: Every brand today needs to engage with their customers on social media. Our content creators ensure your posts stand out.
  • Product content: Product descriptions, landing pages, FAQs and other product-related content help serve your customers at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • SEO by design: All the formats above need to be optimised for findability. That’s why our writers incorporate SEO into every stage of the content creation process.

Generative AI

Besides connecting you with the best human talent, Contentoo offers a suite of three innovative generative AI technologies that optimise your content creation process:

  • Creation Hub: Instantly generate ready-to-publish content, with the option to optimise content with support from human writers and editors.
  • Optimisation Hub: Refresh large volumes of content all at once to expand its lifespan and maximise your ROI.
  • Localisation Hub: Quickly translate your content using our machine learning AI tool and optimise it with the help of native-only content localisation specialists.

Content localisation

We also maintain a global network of localisation specialists working in over 50 languages worldwide. They ensure your content is not only translated into their language but also fully optimised so it has the maximum impact on local audiences. This can also be done in combination with our Localisation Hub generative AI service (see above).

Translation is just the first step. Localisation takes translation to the next level, by ensuring your content is relevant, engaging and culturally appropriate for everyone.


Refreshing and rewriting your existing content is one of the best things you can do to maximise your ROI. But in the constant push to create new content, this task can be easy to overlook. Our content specialists can help you breathe life into your existing content with tactics like these:

  • Keyword realignment: Identify and incorporate new keywords to ensure your content stays findable and aligned with your audiences’ search intent.
  • Rebranding: Has your brand’s identity or tone of voice changed? Rebrand your existing content to ensure consistency.
  • Repurposing: Want to use the same content in a different format or for a different purpose? Our experts transform your existing content without having to start over from scratch.


Have your content reviewed by our expert, native-language copy editors. In addition to checking for errors, they can also make suggestions for how to improve the content’s performance.

Audio transcription

Transcribing your audio content can extend its reach and accessibility. Contentoo’s audio transcription services convert spoken words into written content.


Compelling visuals enhance your content’s engagement. Contentoo offers a range of design services to elevate your content:

  • Graphic design: Our carefully selected graphic designers create original graphics, illustrations, infographics and other visuals that make your content more memorable.
  • Motion graphics: Designers in our network specialise in dynamic motion graphics and animations that add a visual flair to your content.
  • Desktop publishing: Our desktop publishing services ensure your content looks polished and professional.

Video production

Video is one of the fastest-growing content marketing trends, with over 86% of marketers now using video for their marketing campaigns on Facebook alone. To get the most out of your video activities, Contentoo connects you with a wide range of professional freelance video production specialists, providing services like:

  • Tutorial videos: How-to videos, explainer videos and tutorials are the perfect format for educating and engaging your audience.
  • Video editing: Enhance the quality of your video to achieve more engagement.
  • Subtitling: Ensure your videos are accessible to a wider audience.
Infographic of how 86% of marketers now using video for their marketing campaigns on Facebook alone.

Content strategy

Your content is only as strong as the strategy behind it. That’s why, in addition to our content creation services, we also offer full-scale content strategy services. Our experts can help you with any area of your content strategy, whether you’re starting from scratch or fine-tuning a well-developed strategy. Some of the strategics services we offer include:

  • Market and competitor analysis support.
  • SEO research.
  • Content strategy and planning.
  • Content brainstorming.

Our end-to-end approach to content creation services

Our clients rely on us for our full range of managed content solutions. We fill in the gaps in their own operations, enabling them to achieve end-to-end content marketing. In practical terms, this includes:

Expanding your team’s capacity

Don’t have the time, staff or resources to keep up with your content marketing activities? Leave the busy work to us, so you can focus on key strategic activities.

Connecting to industry expertise

Need more insights to add value to your content? Our content creation network includes experienced writers from all industries and long-time researchers who bring the depth and detail that your content needs.

Working with native-only localisation specialists

Need to add new language skills to your team in a hurry? We instantly connect you with native-language localisation specialists in over 50 languages.

Reaching your content marketing goals

Whether you want to create conversion-driven content, raise awareness, enhance your employer brand or achieve any other combination of goals, our talent pool has the ideal freelance talent for the job.

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Powering your marketing with Contentoo: What to expect?

When you partner with Contentoo, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits that set us apart from other content creation service providers:

The one-stop shop solution

Contentoo offers a single platform for handling all your content-related workflows. Whatever the type of task, our easy-to-use platform lets you connect and collaborate with your preselected freelancers. If you need additional services, such as strategy or SEO consulting, your dedicated customer success manager is on it.

A dedicated team of content creators

When you join us, we assemble a pre-screened pool of freelance talent specifically for your brand. By connecting you with multiple content creators, we can ensure that all your needs are met. This also helps ensure at least one content creator is always available when you need them. And best of all, by working with the same providers, you build a relationship. They get to know your brand and your team better and better, so the content just keeps getting better over time.

Benefits of freelance and in-house combined

The content creators in your talent pool are fully onboarded to your brand, strategy and workflow. We kick off our partnerships with a group call in which everyone meets for the first time. This creates a solid basis for the collaboration. It ensures that your content creators have the insider knowledge they need to create content with in-house quality, but with all the benefits of outsourcing.

Access to a dedicated content advisor

Your dedicated customer success manager serves as your sparring partner. They can connect you with the right service provider in our network to deliver whatever you need.

Direct contact with your content creators

Our content creation platform lets you interact directly with your content creators at every stage of each project. This ensures a personal relationship and makes communication easy. It also ensures you get the best quality, almost always on the first try.

Full control of your brand voice

We work only with experienced, professional content creators who are used to adopting their clients’ style and brand guidelines. Even if you choose to work with our generative AI solutions, you can still use our human content creators to optimise and fully align content with your brand. (Also, if you need help defining and developing your brand’s tone of voice, our strategy consultants have got you covered).

Boost ROI

We offer transparent pricing and pre-agreed rates, giving you a full overview over your costs. Working with our platform speeds up and streamlines your process, so you can achieve more with less. Our focus is on creating long-term relationships that ensure lasting benefits for your brand.

How Contentoo content creation services work

Here’s a step-by-step preview of what you can expect when working with us:

1. Discussing your objectives and needs with your dedicated content advisor
We begin by understanding your brand’s objectives and any challenges you’re facing.

2. Outlining your target audience, tone and style
We work with you to identify your ideal audience and the tone and style that resonate best with them.

3. Creating and onboarding your dedicated team of freelancers
We assemble a team of experienced content creators tailored to your specific needs, then we introduce them to you and onboard them with your brand and strategy.

4. Collaborating on content ideas and topics
We brainstorm with you to develop content ideas and topics that align with your strategy.

5. Briefing your projects
We offer templates and support to help you create efficient briefings for your content-related projects.

6. Streamlining your workflow
Our platform gives you a one-stop solution for handling and overseeing all your content projects. This includes sharing documents and interacting definitely with your freelance content creators.

7. Simple invoicing
No matter how many different freelancers you work with on our platform, all your content projects are covered in a single, convenient monthly invoice.

How to choose the right content creation service provider

If you’re in the market for a content creation service provider but aren’t sure what to start, we recommend focusing on 3 key areas, which our clients tell us are the most important to them:

1. Do they offer the expertise and range of services you need?

2. Can they prove their performance with positive reviews and customer success stories?

3. Do they offer negotiable pricing and packages that match your expectations?

We understand how important these factors are to our existing clients. That’s why we continue to develop and expand our services to make sure we can offer all these benefits and more.

How has Contentoo helped other brands succeed?

Over the years, we’ve worked with fast-growing brands in many different industries. Some of our proudest moments include:

  • Helping PropertyGuru, Asia’s #1 online real-estate platform, boost its on-page conversion by 14% while slashing costs by 80% with our generative AI approach.
  • Helping Bloomreach, an international e-commerce personalisation software company, scale up content creation and localisation in key markets while achieving a 3x increase in lead generation.
  • Helping Studytube, a software firm in the learning & development industry, to enrich its strategy and boost conversion by up to 80% in its lead generation campaigns.
  • Helping Visma, a software provider focused on process optimisation, to develop and launch a successful employer branding campaign in a tough labour market.
  • Helping Marley Spoon, an international food delivery service, to half its lead time and localise content into 8 different markets.

Read our case studies to learn more about Contentoo’s successful collaborations with many of the world’s fastest-growing brands.

The quality and attention that your content marketing deserves

We know how much you’ve got on your mind as a digital marketer. It’s hard to keep on top of everything and devote enough attention to so many different tasks all at once. Outsourcing your content to a reliable, quality-focused partner is one of the best things you can do to manage your workload more effectively while achieving better results with your content marketing activities.

Want to find out more why Contentoo is the go-to option for content marketing services? Visit our Why Contentoo page and see for yourself!

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