Why Content Quality & Quantity Matter: 5 Key Reasons

21 April 2023
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Content quality vs content quantity

Too often, content quality and quantity are pitted against each other, with brands championing one over the other. In the past, sacrifices like these were made, but this isn’t a necessary reality anymore.

When content quality is the preferred choice, content is in-depth, focused, and engaging. This option drives conversion, cutting through the industry noise to deliver invaluable insights, knowledge, and thought leadership to an audience. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming to produce and therefore, difficult to scale.

When quantity is the preferred choice, content ranks high, expands reach, and is searchable. This option bolsters brand awareness, topping Google search results as the most reliable, authoritative, and comprehensive source of information. However, it can be prone to mistakes and lacking in vision and therefore, lose readers.

In a perfect world, brands will leverage both content quality and quantity to produce high volumes of well-performing content. With rapidly evolving technologies like Generative AI at your fingertips, there’s no longer a need to compromise.

In fact, the best results arise when cutting-edge AI technology is paired with creative human talent. Here are five reasons why content quality and quantity are essential ingredients for success.

1. Content quality can build trust with your audience

With so much content vying for attention, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Until recently, it has required a substantial amount of time, effort, and expertise to create quality content that resonates with your audience and addresses their specific pain points.

Overall, when brands take the initiative to know their readers well, this makes them more credible. Such a scenario requires ample research into the obstacles that clients face in order to provide them with crucial information, insights, and solutions. With the power of AI, it takes less resources to gather the intel necessary to create high-quality content.

An audience that is served up helpful, reliable, and easily digestible content will always come back for more. In turn, people will trust your brand, providing you with highly sought after authority. As your relevance grows, you can share your expertise, successes, and thought leadership, further cementing your position.

This is the magic of quality content that is well-researched and well-written. Be sure to routinely use social proof, such as customer testimonials, case studies, and user-generated content. It’s never a bad idea to demonstrate the real-world impact of your products and/or services.

2. With content quality you can keep your readers engaged

In a world of short attention spans, keeping eyes on the page can be tremendously difficult. This is where storytelling and tone of voice come into play. As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey. Content shouldn’t condescend nor should it be too negative or critical.

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In the same vein, no one wants to be lectured. Shy away from language that is overly academic, impersonal, formal, or that drones on. As well, a disorganised or confusing structure will overwhelm readers.

Instead, an upbeat, informative, conversational, and authentic approach to content creation is likely to prove more fruitful. Additionally, a well-assembled outline with strong headings and subheadings will be easier for readers to follow.

3. Quality content can improve your search engine rankings

The higher the volume of quality content, the better your chances are that it will rank in search engine results. This is due to the fact that there are increased opportunities to incorporate targeted keywords and phrases. However, it is important that said content is not low quality, irrelevant, or duplicate, otherwise these efforts will be all for naught.

When brands publish significant volumes of quality content, they have the chance to establish themselves as trustworthy. As a result, this can lead to more traffic and time spent on your website, alongside lower bounce rates, all of which improve ranking.

Not only this, but excellent content is more likely to get widely shared and circulated online. This will generate backlinks from other websites and boost search engine rankings. When this happens, it signals to Google that your content is relevant and valuable.

4. With content quality you can ensure brand safety

When putting together a content marketing strategy, brand safety is always top of mind. It is important to ensure that content adheres to values, identity, and tone. As well, information must not be false, misleading, inappropriate, or insensitive.

In the event that content misses the mark, there can be reputational damages, which can affect a brand’s bottom line. No matter the content, whether it’s top-funnel hero content or down-funnel, high-volume content, quality assurance is mission critical for success.

"Safety first" written on a piece of paper

With a consistent approach, one that guarantees content quality across the board, every piece of content will be brand-safe and ready for scale. This requires a specialised touch, which caters to your brand’s specific needs, encouraging visibility and engagement.

5. Content quality can help generate better qualified leads

In order to attract and convert qualified leads, brands must deliver content quality at scale. Whether it is a job application, blog post, newsletter, webinar, infographic, or case study, all of these forms of content are business opportunities.

Every piece of content has the power to meaningfully engage with potential clients. Not only this, but content that draws on quality and quantity can effectively and efficiently nurture people through the sales funnel. To do this, content must be informative, helpful, and solutions-oriented.

In exchange for resources, clients can be enticed to share contact information. Whenever this happens, brands can capture leads and engage with them through email marketing and other channels. Pain points must be explicitly addressed, which will captivate an audience and build trust.

How Contentoo AI can help

With Contentoo’s winning combination of cutting-edge AI technology and creative human talent, brands no longer have to choose between content quality and quantity. Instead, our Creators Cloud strikes the right balance between the two, empowering you to create high-quality content at scale.

Whether it’s unique, ownable content that cuts-through with the top of your conversion funnel or quality content that performs at scale further, we have got you covered. Already, our comprehensive solution has helped the #1 real estate marketplace in Asia automatically refresh around 100,000 content pages at preset intervals.

Contentoo provided the brand with a bespoke AI model that harnessed ChatGPT’s capabilities with client-specific data. Using this, they achieved a 34% increase in leads at only 20% of the historical cost during the pilot period. Plus, this all took place while the brand maintained brand safety.

Generative AI, Contentoo's AI propositions for AI-powered content creation.

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In the near future, we are launching our AI Content Creation and Content Refresh tools, which will empower brands to accelerate growth at every stage of their conversion funnels.

Whether you’re looking to optimise existing content or create new content that scales, Contentoo AI is here to help.

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