Why are copywriters key for a successful content marketing strategy?

4 October 2022
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Why good copywriters are essential

Every business should utilise the skills of experienced copywriters when it comes to marketing – here’s why. Content is a crucial part of any business’ marketing strategy. According to The State of Content Marketing study by Hubspot Research, 41% of marketing budgets are spent on content. Furthermore, 77% of marketers say written content is a top focus when it comes to their marketing strategies.

Having such an important role in content marketing, it’s vital that written content is executed well and produced to a high quality. If not, it could spell disaster for a business that wants to be taken seriously. Badly produced copy can damage the credibility of a company, devaluing their brand in the eyes of the very audiences they’re trying to reach. It’s therefore a necessity that the creation of such content is carefully planned, thought through, and not randomly assigned. In the past, many marketers have failed by not fully appreciating the value of written content in their marketing strategies and allocated it to employees who perhaps don’t have the proper writing skills or copywriter experience. 

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Call on specialist copywriters

To be effective, copy that’s created for content marketing needs to be written not only with the right audience in mind, but with flare so it can convey a specific message while being enjoyable to read and easy to understand. It should also match the distinctive tone of voice of the business it is representing, provide value of some kind to the reader and, last but not least, fit into the company’s wider marketing strategy.

With so many nuances involved, content marketing is best created by a person who specialises in targeted, written communications. In other words: a copywriter. With the skills and experience of not only writing effective copy, but – in the field of marketing – a copywriter is one of few people who is qualified to take on the work and produce some great results.

This is because writing engaging and informative copy is a true craft, honed with the coupling of education and experience with some good old natural talent thrown in the mix, too. And so, marketers who don’t want to put their strategies at risk with drab or intangible copy should consider hiring a marketing copywriter to create words that get the job done efficiently and to the best standards.

What good copywriters can do ​

A copywriter that is specialized in marketing is skilled at creating written content that not only fulfills the needs of a business, but is also something that people want to read. This is important in content because it won’t only make a business look good, but will attract new leads to its website by offering them a solution to a problem.

Here are several different ways a copywriter can help flesh out a content marketing strategy:

  • Blog posts – Blogging on behalf of a brand is perhaps one of the most common pieces of marketing content a copywriter will do. It’s also the most effective. People see a company’s blog like its news channel and will visit for any important updates or commentary on industry events first-hand, from the perspective of management or an executive. However, because many company execs don’t have the time or appropriate experience to write their own blogs, a copywriter can easily take this on and produce a piece that is succinct, accessible and compelling.
  • Website content – Whether it’s an About Us page or a lengthy FAQ for a product or service, copywriters can give staid text a breath of fresh air, instantly livening up website content so visitors not only understand what a business is about, but want to stick around to find out more. The same goes for product descriptions and company bios on social media accounts.
  • Newsletters and email marketing – The biggest mistake marketers can make is insisting that email content, such as e-bulletins and newsletters, are crammed full of sales-y copy that’s not only boring but can be rather alienating to those who aren’t down with marketing speak. There’s only one place these emails go: the bin. A marketing copywriter can help spruce up such content ensuring that people actually read it.
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Copywriters are essential facets ​

Copywriters aren’t just good at writing, they understand the needs of a business and how specialist content can help them get ahead when it comes to branding and marketing. 

Whether it’s a freelancer hired on a temporary or contract basis, or a part- or full-time in-houser that checks over every single piece of copy before it reaches the masses – copywriters are essential facets of any successful content marketing strategy. 

If you’re looking for a copywriter to work with your business and don’t know where to start, take a look at what’s on offer at Contentoo. Linking up the top 10% of content creators in Europe with marketing departments at companies around the world, Contentoo’s platform boasts a freelance community of top-notch content marketing strategists, SEO specialists, growth marketers and other copy experts who can help you create some award-worthy marketing content.

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