How 21 European unicorns nail content marketing

10 October 2022
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European unicorns​

Contentoo is continuously on the lookout for unicorns. They are the ultimate example of fast-growing scale-ups that know how and where to focus their attention and allocate their resources, even under consistent, fundamental growth and change. In such environments, content marketing is especially challenging, as it requires high flexibility and foresight – and the ability to quickly adapt to market conditions that are constantly in flux.

When we see outstanding content, however, we can’t resist sharing it, whether it comes from our platform, other companies – or even our competitors. In this blog, we have taken a subset of 21 of the European unicorns, or the
 fastest growing European scale-ups, spotlighting how they’re achieving greatness in content marketing.


Focused on sniffing out and eliminating operational and organizational inefficiencies, the Munich-headquartered Celonis “provides companies a modern way to run their business processes entirely on data and intelligence.” It also hosts a valuable – and free – tool on its website, in the form of several value calculators, which help companies quantify what they stand to gain by finding and fixing inefficiencies with Celonis.

These calculators are wonderful examples of interactive content that are visually attractive, easy to use, and extraordinarily effective at providing potential customers with hard data regarding financial savings.

Accounts Receivable example - European Unicorns


As one of Europe’s fastest-growing online payment service providers (PSP),  Mollie offers a host of resources to developers looking to make the most out of its customizable API. From an overview of the API itself, to tips on handling errors, accepting payments through mobile apps, integration partners – and a great, great deal more – Mollie’s guides are written for a niche target audience in mind, and appeal to them in tone, look, complexity, and expertise. Be warned: this is no ordinary “Guides” section – this is by experts, for experts!


By integrating all company’s online orders into its existing point-of-sale (POS), Deliverect enables restaurants of all sizes – and in any location – to increase order preparation speed, while minimizing mistakes, errors, and failures. Predominantly focused on restaurants and cafés, Deliverect also provides insights and analytics and menu and stock management services.

FAQ section of its website is especially valuable – and fundamentally human – providing easy-to-read, conversational answers to a wide array of questions that potential or current customers may have regarding the Deliverect platform.

With a highly technical blog clearly written by experts who know the industry, tech, and community, it’s easy to see why is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets in the world. Expert or beginner, there’s something for everybody looking to invest in essentially any cryptocurrency you could dream of – from Bitcoin to Litecoin to Dogecoin. On the horizon? NFTs. Blog topics run the gamut, but are nevertheless wholly valuable, addressing the current situation in Ukraine, for example, or offering tax advice for crypto traders and enthusiasts.


“All-in-one events management platform” Hopin enables its customers to plan and host in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. As part of its vibrant “Resources” section, Hopin’s case studies are varied, continuously updated, and reflect the platform’s ability to help companies such as TechCrunch and Miro develop events that are memorable, productive, and effective for thousands of attendees around the globe.


The self-proclaimed “People Operating System,” Personio streamlines and automates HR processes, freeing up time for members of HR departments to put people rather than administrative duties first. Since its inception in 2015, Personio has worked with 6,000 HR teams across Europe. Its HR Knowledge Hub offers a rich assortment of relevant white papers, courses, E-Books, and templates that HR teams can use to develop and enact people-first strategies into their organizations.

HR Knowledge Club - European Unicorns


From company cards and expenses, to invoices and accounting, Spendesk offers its clients a “7-in-1” solution that enables organizations around the world to make better spending decisions. Its CFO Yeah! podcast is an excellent, modern approach to content marketing, bringing “listeners up close with finance leaders in fast-growing companies.” Guests include CFOs from organizations in all industries, offering advice and insights on “how smart businesses grow faster.”


Travelperk is all about business travel, offering a platform that enables its customers to book, manage, and track trips, including flights and accommodation. Its  “Guides” section is a treasure trove for business travel, offering deep, insightful guides sorted by role (Admins, Financial Teams, and Travelers) that help save money, time, and hassle for businesses that frequently send employees on business trips.


Offering a fully mobile, transparent, and flexible – and 100% digital – banking experience, Germany-based N26 provides innovative, user-friendly interfaces that help its customers “live and bank your way.” Its blog is varied and comprehensive, broken down into seven sections – including company news and the basics of banking – that not only serve as valuable content for readers in such forms as how-to guides and deep dives into technical banking-related subjects, but also serve to elevate N26 as a thought leader in the banking industry – as well as its SEO rankings.


Founded in 2016, Northvolt manufactures batteries with clean energy that it aims to offer “an 80% lower carbon footprint compared to those made using coal energy.” Its landing page is crisp, clear, and attractive – flashy but not distracting, with good graphics and tight copy. It also quickly and effectively conveys the company mission and purpose to any website visitor: to “Make Oil History” by turning away from fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable future.


What’s Flipdish? It’s “everything your food business needs to win,” providing restaurants with the digital tools they need to take orders from their own websites or from kiosks or phones, as well as create and execute marketing and loyalty campaigns. Sound complicated – or just curious to know more? Head over to the Flipdish Academy, which offers a full suite of online courses that help you understand the ins and outs of the Flipdish product. Courses are offered in beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Successfully navigating each will net you certificates and rewards – that, in addition to your newfound Flipdish knowledge.

Flipdish - European Unicorns

Image 3: Flipdish Academy


Renowned throughout Europe for its quick, convenient, and easy payment system that makes online ordering a breeze, it’s no surprise that Klarna is in a constant state of evolution, introducing new features and innovative ways for customers to interact with – and make purchases from – the app. As such, its blog, The Extra O, is continuously updated and provides snackable, engaging posts that spotlight Klarna merchants, offer industry insights, product updates, and more.


As a “financial superapp,” Revolut is focused on all things money, from racking spending, to exchanging cryptocurrency and international transfers. All of this, in a single, easy-to-use platform for both personal and business accounts. On its website, Revolute showcases a clean, effective landing page, but the real star of the show is the “Company” section, which is broken down into seven sections, from the standard

“About Us” to pages focused on diversity and inclusion, news, leadership, and a code of conduct. Altogether, it’s a fantastic exercise in company culture, tone of voice, and branding – providing all visitors with a comprehensive view of Revolut as an organizational whole.

Trade Republic

Trade Republic is another example of an excellent landing page, combining slick graphics, tight copy, and a clear, focused look at the platform’s easy, fast, and secure product that enables European consumers to invest in ETFs and stocks. Immediately upon loading, the site explains the benefits of Trade Republic. Scroll down, and you’re met with three foundational USPs – the aforementioned “easy, fast, and secure.” In all, it’s a near-flawless exercise in “saying more with less.”


As an alternative to Uber, ride-sharing app Bolt has no choice but to create content that differentiates itself from its seemingly world-dominating competitor. The “Green” section of its website does just that, with standout web copy and links to blog posts regarding Bolt’s impressive sustainability initiatives, which involve donations to carbon offsetting projects with every ride, 100% carbon-neutral rides in Europe, and more.


Another player in the cryptocurrency game – as well as the stock market and metal investments – Bitpanda is quick to assure visitors to its website that, despite the humorous name, it is every bit as serious as its more straight-laced competitors. Need proof? Look no further than the Bitpanda Academy, a “free and regularly updated eLearning” platform offering lessons to beginners, intermediates, and experts (for whom courses are coming soon) on personal finance and cryptocurrency. Lessons are comprehensive yet not overwhelming, well-written, and include a test to ensure that you’ve retained what you’ve read.

BitPanda learning - European Unicorns

Back Market

An online marketplace for used or “renewed” tech – think MacBooks, iPads, and Samsung Galaxies – Back Market is as concerned with web copy as it is with ensuring its sellers are open, transparent, and diligent in operations and quality procedures. Perhaps obviously, the copy for a website as large as Back Market is expansive, covering everything that buyers and sellers need to know about. It may be too much to read in one sitting, but be assured, if you have questions, Back Market has the answers.


A content management system used by thousands of organizations, Contentful is, by nature, an expert in content creation. This is made evident nowhere better than the Contentful Learning Center, in which users can register and “access free, self-paced training, enroll in expert-led courses, or become Contentful certified.” Available courses are vast and varied, ranging from content creation to design, development, and planning. In all, they come together to provide users with comprehensive knowledge of the Contentoo platform, providing a foundation on which high-quality content can more easily be built.


As Europe’s premier “digital insurer” WeFox provides its customers with simple, one-policy insurance, streamlined and by an efficient platform – and backing by world-renowned insurance agency Munich RE. WeFox’s annual report is lengthy and technical, yet highly necessary, providing users everything they need and are obliged to know. It’s expertly written – precise, clear, professional and highly readable – ensuring customers that they are in expert hands.


As a grocery delivery service, Flink needs reliable, responsible “riders” to deliver orders on time, safely, in good condition. To attract them, it relies on an extremely well-executed “Apply” section of its website, which, alongside snappy copy, a €100 starting bonus, video testimonials, and the easy five-step application process, provides would-be riders with a rock-solid overview of the Flink brand identity – enabling Flink to differentiate itself within an ever-expanding sea of like-minded competitors.


For its “journey to transform ordinary trips into extraordinary ones,” to succeed, Zurich-based travel platform – and Contentoo client – GetYourGuide knows that it has to be on top of its content game. To do so, it offers advice on tours, day trips, accommodations, and more. This “48 Hours in London” guide, for example, is simple yet expansive – and times your two days down to the minute. Taken as a whole, GetYourGuide’s travel content is enough to make even the “Lonely Planet” envious.

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