How content marketing helps SEO: Improve your digital marketing

11 December 2023
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SEO and content are two essential components of every digital marketing strategy, working together to get you to the top of the rankings. Skilled content marketers understand the importance of high-quality content on search engine rankings and use their powers to improve website visibility.

In this article, we will explore how content marketing helps SEO, the importance of strategy, and the synergies between content, PPC, and social media marketing.

How content marketing helps SEO, it is an essential component in a digital marketing strategy

What is SEO in marketing

OK, let’s start with the basics of SEO and content marketing. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. It involves optimising a website to make it more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs), driving organic traffic. The ultimate goal of SEO is to secure a page 1 ranking. Why? Because over 90% of users click on the first page results.

SEO has had a bad name in the past, with agencies using tactics to try and game the algorithms. In 2023, successful SEO involves more than incorporating relevant keywords into your content or paying for backlinks. Your website, content, social channels, and promotional campaigns (including PPC) must all work together to deliver a rich and rewarding experience.

SEO is more than getting your site seen; it’s about creating a website and user experience that delivers everything for the algorithm and your audience.

Infographic about the search behavior on Google

The deep connection between SEO and content marketing

Google’s search engine algorithms assess your site for its experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). To rank highly, your site has to fulfill all the E-E-A-T criteria. While the workings of Google’s algorithms are a closely guarded secret, we know that businesses that deliver “people-first content” are likely to rank higher than those that don’t.

SEO describes a whole range of on-site and off-site activities to improve how your site functions, one of which is content.

The bottom line is that high-quality content is a crucial method to improve your site’s search engine ranking, as search engines favour websites that provide valuable and relevant information to users.

You can’t simply publish any content and expect to rank, however. The content you create must enhance brand credibility and trust and provide information and insight that’s relevant to your audience. SEO and content marketing work together, with search engine experts providing ideas for content, keywords to target, and niches to exploit. this is a key part of effective SEO strategies.

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Effective SEO strategies for content marketing

There are whole books on SEO strategies for content marketing, and best practices are constantly changing. But, by reading, understanding, and applying information from Google’s regular updates and industry insiders, you can optimise your content.

Here are some tips to help you with your SEO content writing:

  • Identify keywords: Keyword research is crucial, as it helps you understand what your target audience is searching for. Go deep into your keywords, and you’ll identify content gold.
  • Analyse search intent: Instead of focusing on the words your audience uses, identify what they are searching for and how you can help them.
  • Answer questions: We ask search engines questions and want solutions. Use this insight to shape your content.
  • Focus on low-competition/high-value search terms: Competition for rankings is high for many search terms, but successful SEO is about identifying and exploiting the niche. Ranking highly for low-competition/high-value keywords can often drive more traffic than competing for the top spot.
  • Create detailed posts that add value: A 500-word post doesn’t work for SEO. Instead, aim to publish detailed posts that add value. Target 1500-2000 words (or more if operating in a highly competitive area).

Publishing content on your site is essential, but it’s just the start. You’ll need to build connections as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to maximise impact.

Social media platforms enable you to share your content with an engaged audience. The more clicks and connections, the better. Over time, if you publish excellent quality content that’s relevant and rewarding, you’ll see results. But don’t think SEO strategies will work overnight. It can take months or even years for the full impact of content to be felt.

Infographic about how to analyse the search intent of your target audience as a content marketer

Improving your SEO content writing skills

SEO content writing is a skill that can be honed with practice and understanding. The best SEO writers skillfully weave keywords into content in an authentic and engaging way. They create content that provides insight and value, not blogs or articles that repackage or republish old information. Focus on being original and authentic.

There are a huge range of tools that can help you improve your SEO content writing. Writing assistants like Grammerly can help shape your content. Other tools, like SEMRush and Anyword, can be integrated into your content production process to help you optimise content for chosen keywords.

The best SEO writers are always reviewing the impact of their work. Website analytics don’t lie, so see what content is ranking and resonating with your audience and learn from it.

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Driving traffic and conversions: how content marketing helps SEO

SEO is crucial for driving traffic to your website and increasing conversion rates. By creating optimised content for search engines, you can attract more organic traffic, capturing clicks and generating customers. To tap into the potential for content to boost SEO, you must develop a deep understanding of your audience’s needs and create content that solves their problems.

Ensuring you have a steady flow of high-quality, customer-focused content on your site is one of the most important factors in SEO. The best companies use content to build an audience, demonstrate authority, and educate users. Does yours?

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