How to save half a day’s work per text with freelancers

16 September 2022
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Writing is a craft that can best be left to a craftsperson. For marketeers, that means outsourcing content production; to freelance writers, for example. Yet, keeping a team of content creators running smoothly requires an ongoing time investment. It can take hours to find the perfect freelancers to write your article, plus the time it takes to edit the article afterwards. This distracts you from other important tasks, like analysing incoming data or tweaking your content strategy

Still, outsourcing content creation is an essential part of your content-marketing strategy. Unless your organization is big enough to hire its own team of writers, you’ll need a team of freelancers that you can rely on. Contentoo was founded to make this process easier. Our technology is a big part of it, making it far easier to manage your pool of freelance talent. This alone saves you precious hours of work. In fact, you will save up to half a workday for each article you create using Contentoo.

Save time getting started

The better you describe your idea for a story, the less work it will cost you later. How many words do you want it to be? How many images should it include? Should the story be written from a first-person perspective? What is the tone of voice? Is the purpose of the text to generate brand recognition? Do you want to position yourself as an expert? Improve conversion? A well-developed content idea contains all kinds of details like these.

If you’ve already got a suitable freelancer in mind, then you can send them a message containing a general description of the content piece you’d like them to create. After that, it’s a matter of watching and waiting for them to reply. If you’re lucky, they can start right away, but there’s always a chance that it can take a little while. Depending on the freelancer’s personal circumstances or other projects they’re already working on, you may be looking at weeks of waiting. Once the writer is ready to begin, they’ll probably have an entire list of questions. How will the copyright be handled? How many rounds of revision will be involved? What’s the price? Before you know it, you’ve already worked at least an hour and the project hasn’t even started.

Contentoo lets you assign your projects without all the hassle. Our affiliated, pre-approved freelancers accept or decline projects within just a few hours. All the freelancers we work with have already accepted our general terms and conditions. That means all the details and fine print have been worked out for you in advance.

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Save time and find the best writers

If you don’t already have a network of writers at your disposal, it can take hours to find new freelancers. You may be able to draw upon your extended marketing network to find a qualified writer to put your niche-market story into words. But if you don’t have that option, you’ll probably put the word out on social media or start searching online. The challenge isn’t necessarily finding talented writers. It’s more a question of choosing freelancers who are open to writing content marketing for companies.

We put a lot of care into selecting a team of freelancers with the right expertise to meet the needs of every request. No matter how specialized. All our writers are screened and approved before we add them to our pool. Our team tests them extensively on a number of topics. We read their portfolio, look at where they’ve published in the past, train them and use machine learning to analyse their texts. That’s how we know for sure whether they’re a good match. All you have to do is scroll through our list of qualified writers and think about what kind of content you’d like to create.

Paying freelancers

Once your content piece has gone through the agreed number of revision rounds and been approved, the payment stage begins. Normally, that would involve asking the freelancer to send you an invoice which you would then need to check before sending to your finance department. Often, that’s easier said than done. Contentoo has standardized this entire process. This saves you the time of having to negotiate prices and ensures the entire payment process runs smoothly with no extra work on your part. You’ll receive just one invoice at the end of the month, no matter how many freelancers have worked on your projects. 

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Save half a day’s work

Saving yourself four hours of work on each article makes a huge difference. As your business grows, you’ll need more and more writers to keep up with your content-marketing needs. And each article takes up precious time. When you choose Contentoo, you can be sure that your costs are under control and you’ll save plenty of time to devote to all the other important tasks you’ve got to do.

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