Interview with Igor Rudi, Head of Growth Marketing at Easygenerator

10 August 2022
4 minutes

This week: Igor Rudi, Head of Growth Marketing at Easygenerator.

Founded in 2013, Dutch-based e-learning tech firm Easygenerator is on a mission to ‘change the future of learning’. Its easy-to-use online e-learning platform has been embraced by some of the world’s largest corporations. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Easygenerator has witnessed a surge in demand for its e-learning solution, which enables organisations to provide remote training.

As a pioneer in its industry, Easygenerator has always focused on thought leadership and high-quality text to inform and educate its customers. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, this strong focus on content has proven its effectiveness, says Igor Rudi, Head of Growth Marketing at Easygenerator.

‘Good content marketing generates value for your customer and supports them at every step of their journey’, says Igor. ‘High-quality text gives answers and educates people. That positions our company as a subject matter expert and thought leader in our industry, which also attracts new customers.’

Igor told us about his company’s vision of content marketing in times of change. The insights he provided show the importance of a strong content strategy during a crisis.

Starting with a strong content base

Easygenerator uses a wide range of content types to reach its audiences. They tailor their communications to match their audience’s level of knowledge at different stages of the customer journey. Thanks to Easygenerator’s strong existing content base, Igor says the company was well-positioned to reach new audiences when the coronavirus crisis began.

‘We’ve seen a spike in interest in our existing content. We already had a strong basis of content before the crisis began. This gave us a big advantage’, he says. ‘Because once people started looking for a solution, they were finding us first, due to the high-quality content we already offered. We saw a 60% increase in traffic to our articles since February.’

Igor emphasizes that the quality of the information provided is fundamental to success. ‘Whether it’s B2B or B2C, every customer starts their search online now. Your content is the customer’s first impression of your brand. It has to be high in quality and customer-focused’, he says. ‘Our key channel is our website, so we rely a lot on SEO. Many of our articles are ranking first-page on Google, which gives us a clear advantage.’

Tailoring content to new market conditions

To target people at different stages of the customer journey, Easygenerator carefully tailors its content. ‘Our blog posts and success stories are geared towards people who are just beginning to learn about our product, while our ready-made course templates and more technical information address the needs of those who are looking for the best provider and make things easier for our existing customers’, explains Igor.

Due to the large influx of new users since the beginning of the crisis, Igor says that Easygenerator is focusing more heavily now on creating ready-made course templates. Their users can sign up to start using these templates for free and create their own e-learning courses. ‘The templates have been a big success. We’ve seen an 80% increase in template use since February’, says Igor.

By offering this unique form of content, Easygenerator is giving its customers exactly what they need right now. ‘We understand that in the times of crisis you have to act fast’, says Igor. ‘Our template courses make the process smooth, whether you are migrating your existing courses or creating new courses from scratch.’

Growth Marketing - tailoring content

Updating the content strategy

The crisis has also provided Easygenerator with a new focus in terms of its content campaign management. ‘During the crisis, people are looking for a solution like ours’, says Igor. ‘That’s why we created a special campaign to highlight how we can help them. The main topic was remote work. It highlights how people can work remotely using our product.’

This new campaign also gave Easygenerator an opportunity to once again set itself apart from its competitors. ‘The integration side of our products is very easy compared to many other tools available on the market, so we wanted to show that in our new content’, says Igor.

Throughout the crisis, Igor has seen how valuable content is to Easygenerator’s growth. This is why he says his company intends to expand and strengthen its focus on content going forward. ‘We want to make our content creation even more structured and streamlined’, he says. ‘Our goal is to produce high-quality, relevant text really quickly.’ To help facilitate this, Igor says the company plans to adopt a content cluster structure for planning its output.

Tracking performance

Growth Marketing - performance

Easygenerator uses a marketing automation tool to track how well its content performs. This helps them sharpen their customer focus. ‘Once people start interacting with your material’, says Igor, ‘then you understand which stage of the customer journey they are at.’

The crisis has greatly expanded the number of interactions visitors are having with Easygenerator’s content. ‘We have always focused on metrics. But since the beginning of the crisis, the main change is that our traffic has really increased.’ This offers an opportunity for the company to gain deeper insight into what its customers really want.

Whenever a visitor responds to a CTA, fills out a request form or signs up to create a personal account, this provides insight that Igor and his team use to understand their customers’ needs and interests. ‘Once a person signs up, they can explore our platform and build their first course’, says Igor. ‘And then our guys can reach out to them and offer support.’

Igor says that Easygenerator also relies on extensive keyword research to spot opportunities for relevant topics. ‘We know that we can produce more and better content when we know what people are looking for’ he explains.

Staying focused on customers

‘For us, the crisis just confirms that you should be very customer-centric with your content’, says Igor. The main lesson he has learned over the past months is that ‘content is all about listening to your customers, helping them and being the expert in your industry.’

‘A lot of companies go wrong by producing very company-centric content’, says Igor. ‘The part about listening to your customer is missing. And then they wonder why their publications don’t perform.’ Easygenerator’s balance of customer focus, careful metrics and unique, high-quality content is a winning strategy that is helping the company to grow, even during the crisis.

Igor Rudi

Head of Growth Marketing at Easygenerator

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