How brands can thrive in the new era of content marketing: Combining selected generative AI with curated human talent

22 June 2023
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Executive summary

Generative AI will rewrite the rules of content marketing in the years ahead. To remain competitive while also ensuring brand safety going forward, marketers need a two-sided approach: Combining AI and human talent, by leveraging generative AI for speed and scale, while relying on experienced creative talent for brand safety and impact. This creates powerful synergies that maximise ROI and help brands thrive in the new era of content marketing.

Leveraging technology without putting brand safety at risk

The AI revolution opens up unprecedented opportunities for content marketers. It’s impossible to overestimate just what a game-changer AI-driven technologies are for our industry—and for the way people use the internet in general. Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates has even said that generative AI will “change our world” and that “The progress over the next couple of years to make [generative AI] even better will be profound.”

So, what does this sudden paradigm shift mean for your brand? If you’re like most CMOs today, you’re probably intrigued by the possibilities of generative AI, but concerned about the limitations: How can you tap into the potential of this powerful technology without putting brand safety at risk?

As a pioneer in the field of technology-driven content creation, Contentoo is leading the way into the future. In this article, we share our vision on how your brand can keep thriving—with the right balance of creative human talent and technology.

Content is still the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal

While AI is changing a lot of things, one thing remains the same: content marketing is still the ideal solution for reaching B2B and B2C audiences. For years, marketers have understood that content is the best way to build brand awareness and cut-through, drive quality leads and grow their brand.

Here are just a couple reasons why content is so important to any brand’s success today:

How generative AI helps marketers overcome common obstacles

Most marketing departments currently devote around 25% of their annual budget to creating content. Generally, they rely on a combination of in-house and freelance talent to create, design, localise and edit their content.

In our experience, most marketing teams still face a number of challenges when it comes to content marketing, including:

  • Producing ownable, brand-safe content at scale, especially when working with external content creators
  • Keeping up with a very demanding schedule (60% of marketers say they and their teams produce at least one piece of content every day)
  • Tracking and attributing ROI across multiple channels (only 8% of marketers say they have an “excellent” way of tracking ROI on their content marketing activities)

New generative AI solutions promise to overcome these challenges. Now, with the right technology, you can produce new content at unprecedented speed and scale. The potential for time-saving alone revolutionises the way marketing teams work.

AI chatbots will also change how people navigate the internet. After nearly 20 years of dominating the online world, Google is finally facing its first real competitor. At the same time, people have increasingly high expectations of user experience. Outbound marketing and online ad buying alone are no longer enough to engage with customers today. The brands that thrive in this new landscape will be the ones that truly add value through ownable online content.

Infographic about how companies want to learn about companies through informative content

AI brings challenges of its own

It’s true that AI will help solve a lot of problems marketers face. It will also change the way audiences interact with the brands they love. But making the transition to AI technologies also brings risks.

Google learned that the hard way when it rushed the rollout of its chatbot, Bard: when an introductory video showed Bard blatantly stating incorrect information as if it were fact, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) lost around $100 billion in value within days.

AI also poses risks for marketers. Even the most renowned models, like OpenAI’s GPT-4, are prone to ‘hallucinations’ which cause them to generate nonsensical and untruthful content. Publishing invalid content like this can cause severe backlash and reputational harm.

In addition to having concerns about factual accuracy, many CMOs are also worried that AI is not yet capable of capturing their brand’s unique tone of voice. How can they leverage the benefits of generative AI while creating brand-safe content?

The advantages of Contentoo shown in a visual, combining AI and Human talent

Our vision: Selected AI technology and curated creative talent for all

Contentoo’s approach answers those concerns. We start by making our stack of powerful, easy-to-use generative AI tools available to marketing teams of all sizes—no coding experience or advanced IT skills required.

But AI is only the first step. Our global network of experienced content creators, localisation specialists and content consultants serve as gatekeepers, ensuring that all AI-generated content meets their high standards of quality.

Our network of creative professionals are deeply invested in our clients’ brands. They understand your market and your product, and they know how to safeguard your brand and its unique tone of voice.

For each content project, we enable you to set the right balance of technology and human talent to optimise your marketing ROI:

  • If you want to create hero content that delivers brand impact, AI can serve a supporting role, while Contentoo’s talent marketplace takes the lead.
  • For high-volume content that requires more production capability, leverage more of Contentoo’s cutting-edge generative AI stack.

You can easily control the right Tech-Talent mix for optimal performance and efficiency in Creators Cloud: the all-in-one AI and talent platform for every type of content-related workflow. It lets your brand benefit from the best of technology and talent:

A Table that shows the advantages of Combining AI and Human Talent

Our vision is to empower brands by connecting them with the tools and talent that they need to remain competitive in the new era of content marketing. That means leveraging technology to do the jobs that people don’t have the time or desire to do themselves. And relying as always on human talent to do what it does best: add the creative touch and the authentic tone of voice that brings your brand to life.

Technology—and talent—for all!

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