7 tips to scale your content marketing output without losing your creativity

12 October 2022
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As your content output grows, it becomes harder to bring that creative spark to every asset your team produces. Below, we share 7 tips on how to boost your team’s creativity and stay on-message while scaling your content marketing efforts.

In this blog, we cover:

  • Top tactics for maintaining quality whilst scaling your content output.
  • Ideas for streamlining the way you work.
  • Inspiration for adding a more creative touch to your content.

1. Outsource content marketing the right way

To reach new target audiences as your company grows, you need to release more and more content on a wider range of channels. For most companies, it’s unrealistic to produce all that content in-house. That’s why so many scale-ups turn to content creation partners like Contentoo.

Not all content creation partners out there are the same though. When outsourcing, be sure to look for a platform or agency that:

  • Only works with vetted, experienced content creators.
  • Offers an extensive network of talent that specializes in your industry.
  • Lets you meet and interact directly with your content creators.
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2. Share a platform

You want to foster creativity, but at the same time, your creatives need guidance to make sure everyone’s on the same page. This is why it’s crucial to share a cloud-based platform or hub, where all your team members (both in-house and freelance) have access to important information like your style guide, tone of voice document and market personas.

3. Let empathy guide you

If you’re looking for inspiration for a new asset or campaign, always start by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. The most successful brands are the ones that customers and leads authentically relate to. And to achieve that, you need to show your customers that you understand what’s important to them. 

Spend some time getting to know your target audience. Social media and your own customer service team are great resources to start with.


4. Keep up to date on content marketing trends

Another excellent source for creative inspiration is your competitors. Follow their campaigns and see if they’re addressing topics or pain points that you might have overlooked. It’s not about mimicking their content, it’s about creating something even better.

Also, keep an eye on what top brands (like Apple) are doing. How can you apply their effective techniques to your own audience?

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5. Brainstorm with your creatives

When it comes to creating content, two heads are always better than one. We recommend holding regular brainstorms with your content creators and strategists (both in-house and freelance). This is a proven method for fine-tuning your own ideas and coming up with new directions for assets and campaigns.

6. Repurpose your best content

If a piece of content is attracting lots of page views or engagement, create a campaign around it with multiple assets on a number of channels. This is a way to quickly scale your content while also maximising creativity.

It takes a creative touch to express similar messages through different means, like turning the main takeaways of a blog post or white paper into a quick animation, social media carousel or infographic. Make sure to take a look at how to repurpose your existing content blog.


7. Streamline workflows

Maintaining an efficient workflow is essential when producing content at scale. This is why we developed the Contentoo platform to provide a consistent content creation process. It lets you maintain a clear overview while working with a large network of content creators.

We all know that the creative process can get messy at times. With a streamlined, standard workflow, you keep things focused and make sure everyone is on the same page.


Find more (content marketing) inspiration

Keeping up with a busy content calendar is challenging sometimes. But look on the bright side: if your company is scaling up its content output, that means you’re doing something right. We want to help you keep up the good work. Be sure to check out our 7 tips for how to scale your content.

For even more inspiration, download our Content Marketing Industry Report or get in touch with one of our content specialists and start your free demo of our platform today.


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