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Trouble with creating content? 3 tips to crush your writer’s block

You know the subject better than anyone, so you are the right person, perhaps the only person for the job. But still, you struggle.

As writers, we all have our dry spells. Here are a few ideas to get you back on top of your game.

  1. Wait till you have an idea for the content before you start writing. To get your creative juices flowing, try browsing magazines, visiting your competitors’ websites, googling terms from your field of expertise, taking a walk around town or calling up a friend. Sitting around, staring at a blank Word document is not inspiring for anyone.
  2. Instead of writing on sentence level, think big picture. Especially if you’re new to writing, it’s a great idea to focus on what you really want to say instead of spending hours building a text one word at a time. Your ‘working memory’ (the part of your brain that controls all non-automatic functions) can only take so much. If you’re too caught up in the choice of words, sentence construction or spelling and grammar, the content and structure of your text will suffer. Make sure you have a rough outline to begin with, containing the most important topics you want to address. Then, expand upon the topic further to create the content. Wait until the end to change word choices and correct typos.
  3. Take inspiration from Dutch author A.L. Snijders. The pioneer of the literary genre ‘very short stories’, has been writing at least one story per day for years. He famously wrote, ‘What matters is: I don’t think about readers’. Trust your instincts when thinking of a topic. What would you find interesting to read yourself? There’s a good chance you have a lot in common with your readers. After you’ve written your first draft, you can always assess whether the topic is relevant to your entire target audience and then edit as necessary.