Contentoo ambassador program

Activate your network and help us by introducing Contentoo to new companies.

  • For every qualified introduction⁽¹⁾, you will earn €100.
  • For every closed deal⁽²⁾, you will earn €500.

(1) – You have sent an email to schedule a call with your contact with in copy. Typically, we are seeking companies operating in Europe with over 50 employees. Additionally, they should recognize the value of content marketing and ideally be interested in expanding into new markets and/or scaling up their content production. If this applies to your contact, our team will follow up accordingly.

(2) – Contentoo and your contact sign a contract for a minimum period of 1 year.

Here's how it works

Our team member Kai has prepared a video to help you get acquainted with our program!

Also, if you need any help with the outreach – check the template that we’ve prepared for you.

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