How Bloomreach scaled up content production and localisation


Lead Generation

Localisation efforts led to up to 3x more leads as the content resonated more with local audiences, evident from higher email open rates and increased demo requests.

Time to Market

Contentoo’s efficient processes enabled Bloomreach to launch localised campaigns quickly, significantly reducing the time to market.

Content Quality

The high quality localised content not only enhanced user engagement but also ensured that the brand's message was consistent and impactful across different regions.



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United States of America

Company type


About the client

Bloomreach personalises the e-commerce experience by unifying real-time customer and product data, so businesses understand what customers really want.

Client needs

Bloomreach needed to personalise and localise content across the EMEA region to enhance engagement and brand awareness in diverse markets, focusing on cultural and linguistic accuracy.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo swiftly localised Bloomreach's content into multiple languages using native speakers, ensuring cultural nuances were respected and SEO was considered.

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About Bloomreach

Bloomreach was founded in 2009 with a vision of personalising online commerce experiences with the help of powerful algorithms that get smarter every day. Today, the company operates worldwide from its 6 offices, spread out over Europe, North America and Asia. It serves over 850 of the world’s leading brands, powering 2.2 million site searches and over 100,000 marketing emails every day.

Using advanced AI technology, Bloomreach combines customer and product data to fully personalise the customer journey. Its solutions are united in the Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud, a suite of products that includes AI-driven search and merchandising, a headless CMS, and leading CDP and marketing automation solutions.

Despite the global scale of the company, Bloomreach takes a highly local approach to its content marketing. As Head of Regional Marketing EMEA, Allan Ménard is working to reach a highly diverse customer base with authentic, localised content that truly adds value.

In 2022, he and his team turned to Contentoo for help putting their new localised content strategy into place. After one year of collaboration, Allan looks back on the successes he’s achieved with help from the freelance network at Contentoo.

The importance of localisation and native-speaker quality

Bloomreach is all about creating the most personalised user experience possible. So, of course we want to offer that same level of personalisation for our own customers. That’s why content localisation is such an important topic for us.

My team and I are responsible for reaching customers throughout the EMEA region. In terms of content marketing, we’re focusing on generating and localising content for audiences who speak English, French, German, Dutch, Polish and Czech. Our main goals are demand generation and brand awareness.

To rapidly localise our existing English-language content into other languages, we needed backup from an external supplier that we could trust.

Quality is our top priority, and we understand how important it is to work exclusively with native speakers on localisation projects. Even small cultural and linguistic details make a huge difference in the way customers perceive your brand.

We started working with Contentoo in 2022 and have been very impressed with the results ever since.

Rapidly scaling up localised content with Contentoo

We create most of our content ourselves, and we have lots of native speakers on our in-house teams. Yet, we still didn’t have enough time and resources to localise all the content that we wanted to localise. Contentoo helps us localise our content at a pace that we would not have been able to achieve on our own.

“Within just 1 year, they’ve helped us localise our English-language website into German and French. They’ve also helped us localise around 20 white papers and launch new blogs for those languages. Thanks to Contentoo, we can localise content within 1 week or less.”

The speed of Contentoo’s service is a major advantage, but what’s even better is the quality that they deliver. Contentoo helps us to make sure our content really adds value in all our
languages. They not only translate but really localise it to the local markets we’re targeting.

That means helping us ensure the right cultural fit. For example, when it comes to SEO, you
cannot just translate keywords literally. You’ve really got to do your research. Since Contentoo only works with nativelanguage professionals, they are able to deliver the quality and it’s also far more efficient, because there’s less back and forth.

Generating up to 3x more leads

Since localising our content, we’ve seen a major increase in engagement. If a customer sees an email subject line in their own language, they’re much more likely to open it. The same goes for demo requests. Since Contentoo helped us localise our website into German and French, our open rate and demo requests have skyrocketed.

We’ve also worked with our freelance team at Contentoo to localise all our search keywords and ads. Since doing that, we’ve seen double and triple the amount of lead generations.

The benefits of working with Contentoo

There are so many advantages of working with Contentoo. For us, the biggest is the time to market. We’re now able to launch campaigns on the local level much faster. After a global campaign launches, we can have the localised version ready to launch within about a week.

In terms of quality, Contentoo gives you access to a pool of freelance professionals, so you have a lot of talent to choose from. You get to meet your freelance suppliers one-on-one and really onboard them into your brand guidelines and tone of voice.

Our freelance localisation team from Contentoo is in touch with our marketing team as well as our brand, designer and PR team. This is essential for ensuring that each piece of content we produce is on-brand, which is essential for effectively raising brand awareness.

The feedback process with Contentoo is also very easy and efficient. You connect with the freelance professionals directly. For example, you can share a Google Doc with them and leave the feedback there, or even just hop on a Zoom with them and discuss the project if it’s more efficient that way.

Another benefit is that invoicing is much simpler: we have a single invoice at the end of the month, rather than having to process multiple invoices from multiple different freelance suppliers.

In short, Contentoo makes a marketer’s life easier.

Allan Ménard on expanding the collaboration

After 1 year of working with Contentoo, we are confident that they can give us access to all the freelance talent we need. Instead of having to work individually with 5 or 6 different freelance professionals to get the localised content we need, now we have a one-stop solution.

“Contentoo makes a marketer’s life easier. We are so happy with the localisation quality that we have expanded the collaboration to include design and content creation services too”.

During the summer of 2022, we started working with Contentoo’s freelance designers to create designs for our localised content, such as PDFs. And more recently, we’ve even been working with them to create all-new content. We brief our Contentoo freelance content creators and they create the content in the local language to meet our requirements.

Working with Contentoo allows us to focus on our markets and spend less time producing content. We look forward to continuing the collaboration as we continue localising our
content to cater to audiences in additional markets like Southern Europe (Spain and Italy) and Middle East/North Africa.

“Engagement has skyrocketed since we turned to Contentoo to localise our content. We’ve even seen lead generation double and triple”

bloomreach profile
Allan Ménard

Head of Regional Marketing EMEA

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