How Channable localises in 5 different languages with Contentoo


Turnaround time

Contentoo facilitated the rapid localisation of Channable's content, enabling them to publish four to six articles per month in five different languages, each within about a week.

Quality and Consistency

The collaboration ensured high-quality content that resonated culturally in each target market, maintaining consistency in tone and strategic messaging across all languages.


Contentoo provided the flexibility to scale production according to seasonal demands and specific project needs without the overhead of managing freelancers and agencies.



Marketing automation software


The Netherlands

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About the client

Channable is an all-in-one platform that enhances your marketing visibility and personalizes ad campaigns. It efficiently manages, optimizes, and exports your product feeds to over 2500 online channels, including Amazon, eBay, and

Client needs

Channable required streamlined content localisation across five languages to maintain a unified brand voice and manage complex marketing strategies effectively in diverse global markets.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo's centralized platform ensured consistent and efficient content localisation, enabling Channable to manage and scale their multinational marketing efforts seamlessly with a dedicated team of freelancers.

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About Channable

Channable is a fast-growing international company that provides a powerful, all-in-one platform for managing ecommerce marketing and ad campaigns. Marketers seamlessly integrate Channable into over 2,500 online sales channels worldwide and use it to display and track an astonishing 100 billion ads and other marketing items every day.

What began as an ambitious Dutch tech start-up in 2014 has grown to be the leading digital marketing management platform in the Benelux region. Channable is now also active in the Nordics, DACH, the UK, Iberia, France, Italy and the United States, with offices in Utrecht, Berlin, Logroño and New York.

As the company continues its rapid expansion, its own content marketing strategy has become increasingly complex and diverse. In 2022, Channable teamed up with Contentoo to implement its new, streamlined content marketing strategy, which relies on scalable, flexible processes and transparent project management.

Contentoo now helps Channable keep up with its busy content calendar and produce high-performance content that is making an impact in all of the company’s global markets.

Andreea Serb on overcoming common content localisation challenges

I am really passionate about creating excellent content. That’s why it’s great to be working at Channable, because our focus is on creating the best possible content experience for our audience. I lead the Brand Marketing Team, which consists of seven people: our three designers, one motion graphic designer, one copywriter, one project manager and myself. Our company also has a dedicated content marketer for each region. They take care of a lot of different activities, from organising events, to producing content and maintaining their own regional websites.

When you’re publishing content in five languages (French, German, Dutch, Spanish and English), it’s important to have a streamlined process that is easily scalable for all your teams. In the past, our content marketers would each work with their own freelancers and agencies, which made the process very decentralised.

If you’ve ever worked this way, then you know how hard it can be to maintain an overview and streamline your process. We needed a way to align all our activities and really simplify things for everyone. The goal was to make sure that our team members could spend less time managing translations, so they would have more time to spend on original content creation and ideation strategy.

Contentoo is exactly what we were looking for: a centralised content creation and localisation platform that lets you instantly scale your content output, no matter how many languages you’re working with.

Keeping up with a busy content localisation calendar with Contentoo

Our partnership with Contentoo has made our localisation process so much easier. We publish around four to six articles per month, and Contentoo localises them for the five different languages we target.

Contentoo delivers high-quality publishable translations to us within around seven days. That includes the feedback and any revisions we need. After that, our team is ready to sign off on the content, create the visuals and publish. It’s a big relief to be able to work that quickly and to have so much confidence in the quality of the localisations.

Contentoo also does an excellent job of thinking alongside us to come up with solutions to difficult localisation challenges. It takes experience and insider knowledge to really understand each culture’s nuances.

Sometimes, you need to take a different approach when handling long-form content versus ad copy or social posts, for example. Contentoo collaborates with us to ensure the right tone of voice and create really authentic localisations in all our languages.

“Contentoo does an excellent job of thinking alongside us to come up with solutions to difficult localisation challenges… They collaborate with us to ensure the right tone of voice in all our languages.”

Tapping into Contentoo’s content creation talent pool

We write most of our own original content in-house, but our content output increases significantly during the busy summer period. Sometimes, you just need some extra hands to keep up with all the different content projects on your calendar, whether it’s web copy, social copy or a new landing page.

If we don’t have the capacity to do all the writing ourselves, we now just tap into the Contentoo freelancer pool.

That gives us the flexibility to immediately scale up and down according to our needs. We come up with the ideas and the strategy, and we know that we can count on Contentoo to produce the content—and localise it—all on a single platform that our whole team has access to.

Creating content with an edge

Contentoo connects us with writers who have in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing topics. One thing that has really impressed me is that Contentoo’s writers take the time to interview our own in-house experts to make sure they’re getting everything right.

So, the content they create for us is backed up by data, quotes, and insights from real e-commerce experts. That definitely gives our content an edge.

Another major benefit of working with Contentoo is the consistency. You build a working relationship with the same freelance talent, and the content just gets better and better over time.

For example, we worked with a Contentoo freelancer to produce an e-book. And then that same writer was also involved in other projects with us, so they were familiar with our brand and subject matter. That meant they could also create additional content to support the e-book, because they had that expertise and knew how to reuse and repurpose content in a really effective way.

Our experience is that we can always rely on Contentoo to deliver. We even had one project where the freelancer unfortunately fell ill. Michelle, our Customer Success Manager at Contentoo, immediately arranged to hand over the project to another freelancer. Everything worked out perfectly, and they still delivered on time.

Creating a thriving content marketing ecosystem with Contentoo

Contentoo provides us with a transparent, collaborative platform for our entire content-creation and localisation ecosystem. The quality of the original content, as well as the accuracy of the localisation, has been spot-on. Everyone on my team is happy with it and the feedback has been great.

The biggest advantage for us is how interconnected everything is. The platform gives us a consistent workflow and overview of all our projects, and we know we can access both
localisation and content creation talent all in one place, whenever we need.

Working with Contentoo gives us a lot of flexibility and saves time and effort. It eliminates so much manual work that we used to have to deal with, like managing freelancers and agencies. That alone has made our process a lot more transparent and efficient.

On top of that, coordinating and communicating with the freelancers via the platform is always fast and efficient. And Contentoo connects us with our own account manager who takes care of all our projects and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

For a company like Channable, which has a busy content calendar and needs to be able to shift gears fast between multiple languages, Contentoo is a strong, reliable content marketing partner.

“We can count on Contentoo to produce our content—and localise it—all on a single platform that our whole team has access to.”

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Andreea Serb

Brand Marketing Team Lead

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