How Exact scaled content production by 5x with Contentoo


Lead Generation

Updated brochures and diversified content significantly improved campaign performance and deal closures.

Scaling Content

Contentoo enabled Exact to produce five times more content weekly, significantly enhancing their content output.

Quality Content

Access to varied freelance expertise led to innovative content creation, injecting new ideas into Exact’s content strategy.

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About the client

Exact develops cloud software for small and medium-sized companies and their accountants. The products automate business processes in areas such as Finance and HR and provide specific ERP solutions for wholesale distribution, manufacturing, projects and construction.

Client needs

Exact needed to enhance its content strategy to boost brand and product awareness and generate leads. With only one in-house copywriter and a growing need for diverse content types, they required a scalable solution for rapid content production.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo provided Exact with access to a diverse pool of freelance writers capable of producing a high volume of specialised content quickly. This allowed Exact to simultaneously create various content types, meeting their extensive needs efficiently.

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About Exact

Exact is a Dutch enterprise software company that makes smart business software, focused on an organization’s financial operations and the processes surrounding it – such as order management, planning, and purchasing. At its core, Exact is financial software, but it can be enhanced with additional modules, enabling companies to run their entire businesses via a single software platform.

As Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Exact, Milou van der Drift is responsible for international project management and content creation, online awareness campaigns, content strategy, the creation of lead generation concepts, and more.

High-volume content, then, is key to her multitudinous duties. Here, she speaks about her relationship with Contentoo, touching on strategy, localisation, building relationships with freelancers – and a 5X increase in content production.

Exact's content strategy – and it's resulting lead generation

I started five years ago on Exact’s content creation team. We had quite a big content team – campaign managers, content creators, and roles like that – but only one copywriter. We had so much to do, and we needed so much more content because of our content strategy.

A good content strategy will help you as a company to create brand awareness and product awareness, and help with lead generation, which is very important for a company like Exact. In the end, it’s about lead gen. You can’t do this without good content.

But our copywriter’s schedule was always full. If we wanted small things, he could make time, but we were thinking of white papers and other larger pieces of content. And having only one resource for that was too limited. We needed extra help.

Initial hesitation – and a 5X production increase

At first, I was resistant to the Contentoo platform. I wasn’t sure it would work for us. I was worried that I would need to brief every copywriter again and again: What is Exact? What do we do? What is our tone of voice? I thought it would be very timeconsuming.

Then our copywriter left to join another team, and I was given a choice of using the Contentoo platform or working with permanent freelancers. So, I gave Contentoo a chance. From that day on, I realised how well the platform works.

I was happy and surprised by the output of the writers. I tested the platform with all different types of content and writers ­– long copy, short copy, whatever I wanted. I used several writers, and every time I was like “This is nice, you understand me, and you’re giving me exactly what I wanted.”

“The great thing is you can make several pieces of content at once.”

If I needed a white paper from our in-house copywriter, his schedule may have been full. But now, I can ask for multiple white papers or other content types within one week, and it works.

I needed several variants of brochures, for example, because we have several products. But on the other hand, I was making blog content with other writers, and web copy with another freelancer, and advertising copy with someone else. Sometimes I opened my Outlook and I’d have 10 messages from Contentoo – the freelancers can deliver really high volume, which is what we need.

The writers on the platform can deliver five times more content in a week than with a single copywriter. Of course, you need time to prepare the briefings, but if you get used to the process of creating them and do them often, that’s easily accomplished.

Driving conversions – and uplifted campaign performance

We recently updated all of our brochures, because they were nearly 10 years old. We were using them on our product pages as our main CTA. We now see them performing very well, not only in driving conversions, but in closing deals. The quality of the content is just that good – people are reading it, believing they need the product, and buying it. That is the outcome of the quality of Contentoo content.

A good content strategy – if you’re filling your customer journey with content – leads to brand awareness. We definitely see an increase there.

Building relationships – and creating high-value content

We have a tone of voice document on our platform, and that really helps. We brief quite well and extensively about what we expect, so that makes it easier for me when I make a briefing. I’m always surprised with the output, and how well the freelancers understand my questions and how well they can create the content.

I was expecting it to be so much work, so much explaining, but that’s not the case. If I have a repetitive project, I use the same people. But I also like to make use of various freelancers based on their strengths and what they’re good at creating.

If you don’t have the choice, you will never be surprised – in a good way. If you have one person who is always writing the same thing, for example, you won’t continuously see various new ideas or refreshing mindsets.

We used to do web copy internally – and I wrote it myself because I know the product – but then we used a freelancer and it was so much better. It gave a lot of value to the copy.

Content localisation – and one briefing with double output

We are currently running our business in the Netherlands and Belgium. At first, we were mainly creating content in Dutch and directly translating it for the Belgian market. But the market is so different, we needed to stop doing that.

What we do now is use the same briefing for both a Dutch and a Flemish writer, and they each create the content for their own country. We have one briefing, but two pieces of output – and it really shows us how we talk to each market. It’s really improving our campaigns.

“The writers on the platform can deliver five times more content in a week than with a single copywriter.”

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