Discover how Foleon accelerated the growth of their content marketing


Thought Leadership

The collaboration significantly boosted Foleon’s position as a thought leader while meeting their SEO objectives.

Content Production

Contentoo’s support allowed Foleon to efficiently scale content output, addressing both high-level and detailed content needs effectively.


Foleon developed strong, trust-based relationships with freelancers, enhancing content consistency and quality.



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About the client

Foleon is a content platform that makes it easy for anyone to create engaging digital content without sacrificing brand quality. With Foleon's intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can create anything from magazines and brochures to sales proposals, customer onboarding content, and that all-important newsletter.

Client needs

Foleon required effective strategies to amplify its thought leadership and improve SEO, while scaling content creation across the customer journey. They needed to balance high-quality content production with educational outreach to broaden their market reach.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo provided Foleon with comprehensive support by scaling high-level content creation that targeted a broader range of SEO keywords. This approach included tapping into specialised freelance talent to ensure content quality and relevancy, helping Foleon meet its ambitious content goals.

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About Foleon

Foleon is a content creation platform that is all about empowering more people to create content within their organizations. Its SaaS platform serves as both an editor and a format. Its simple drag-and-drop editor helps people create interactive collateral content that is traditionally made in a PDF, such as E-Books, white papers, magazines, or reports. 

The platform also offers analytics and insights into that content. Creating awareness and generating leads for such a unique service, however, requires a great deal of in-house content – much of which is provided by Contentoo freelancers.

Here, Julie Alexander, Foleon’s Director of Brand and Communications, speaks about thought leadership, reaching SEO goals, developing lasting relationships with freelance talent, and more.

Content being ‘meta’– and high quality effective output

The fun thing about Foleon is the whole content thing is pretty meta. It’s obviously important to us from a thought leadership perspective, but also in the classical sense: content is what you provide to your audience to help them along their customer journey.

We’re creating content for a wider audience at the highest part of the funnel to help educate and teach them more about creating high-quality, effective content. Of course, it’s also a way to help people learn about content creation platforms and other options that they hadn’t thought about before – and help them find solutions to their current challenges surrounding content creation.

Blending content – and achieving SEO goals

We have an in-house creative team, and we’ve been doing quite well, but we have a lot of SEO goals, as most companies do. We want to build out our organic reach, so companies can find us quickly if they’re looking for answers to questions related to our platform.

But we wanted to scale that, of course, to create high-quality content that spans a wider breadth of keywords so that people can find us. We didn’t have the capacity in-house to create the content we needed in order to scale up.

We’re mostly using Contentoo for SEO content, but I don’t think you can necessarily divide the content on your website to SEO and non-SEO content. It’s all there and it’s all ranking. We work in topic clusters, for instance, so even if you’re creating content with that in mind, it still needs to be highly relevant and content that can help your audience.

So our in-house writers create more of our middle-to-bottom funnel demand-gen content – our product-related content – and we’ve tapped into Contentoo to help us with the broader highlevel content that we write around content marketing.

Developing freelance relationships – and building trust

It’s super easy and why we’ve been sticking with Contentoo. Right now, we’re working with one main freelancer on our team, and she’s amazing. We’re lucky in that our main topics are around content and content marketing, and when you’re bringing content writers on, they often already know a lot about that.

Our writer is just so lovely and so pleasant to work with. We’re at the point now where we don’t have to spend much time on briefings at all anymore. I’m able to say, ‘Hey these are the topics we want, which ones would you like more detail about, which ones should I outline, and which ones are you happy to run with?’

Being able to build that relationship and that trust – and knowing if I just send a broad topic, that she’ll be able to run with it and come back with a really nice piece – makes my life a lot easier.

Julie Alexander on the future – and diving deeper

We are definitely going deeper. We just brought on a new SEO adviser, and we’re diving back into keyword topic clusters. We already have quite a lot of high-level content, but we want to go deeper.

Our target audience is content experts – content managers, people who are setting up content strategy, people looking for better, smarter, faster ways to set up high-quality lead generation content.

We need to create smart, insightful content that is really useful to those people. Moving forward, we really want to dive in and show our expertise in this area a lot more.

“If I just send a broad topic to one of our freelancers on the platform, they're able to run with it and come back with a really nice piece. Contentoo makes my life a lot easier.”

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Julie Alexander

Director of Brand and Communications at Foleon

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