How Showpad increased conversions with localised content from Contentoo


Increased Conversions

The content produced with Contentoo's help contributed significantly to higher engagement and conversions

Successful Localisation

Contentoo enhanced localisation by exclusively using native speakers, ensuring content truly resonated with local audiences


Contentoo's rigorous onboarding streamlined briefings as freelancers learned Showpad’s brand requirements quickly



Software Development



Company type


About the client

The All-in-One Sales Enablement Platform. Showpad's platform integrates industry-leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions.

Client needs

Showpad required effective localisation of their content for the European markets, to ensure it resonated as though written by native speakers.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo offered Showpad a variety of skilled freelancers, allowing them to choose the right talent for specific tasks, from translations in different GEO's to creative content creation.

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About Showpad

As an all-in-one sales enablement platform, Showpad believes that most salespeople are boring their buyers – meaning the best buyer experience wins. Showpad helps organizations deliver this experience by providing industryleading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions, which transform sellers into trusted advisors. This makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to deliver the right buyer experience, helping them make smarter – and faster – purchasing decisions.

Biren Van Herck, Marketing Program Manager FBNL, at Showpad, is responsible for driving marketing programs within the French and Benelux regions by creating, maintaining, and increasing brand awareness, thus increasing conversions. Additionally, Biren maintains brand awareness programs, which range from events to blogs or ads – delivering a complete marketing package to the Showpad organization.

The importance of content for Showpad

Content is everything. A good content strategy can really make a difference. It helps us to connect with our customers, prospects, and leads at every stage of the buying cycle.

We are also expanding our marketing department, and there is a focus on copywriters and content strategists. So for us, content is of utmost importance.

Contentoo's smooth onboarding and service

Initially, I had quite a lot of help from my account manager in getting started on the Contentoo platform. She really helped me onboard. To be honest, first I thought, Oh no, yet another platform – and yet another login.’ But it’s quite easy, and I was guided very smoothly through the onboarding.

Now that I use it myself, I think it is quite handy. When there are requests, I create a project and get an immediate response. If there are issues, my account manager contacts me and makes sure they are handled. It’s been quite smooth, and I’m happy.

Localisation with Contentoo

Localisation is very important for us. We get a lot of content delivered from the US, so we see what we can use and what needs to be localised – and the content that need to localised really needs to be localised, as if a native speaker wrote it.

That last part was something we were missing [with other translation agencies]. And while we do have people in-house that can do translations, we were stretched thin – and that’s why we were looking for support. Everyone is happy with the results – what we’re now doing is fine-tuning until we develop a perfect understanding between our brand and freelancers.

What I also like is that with the platform you have multiple freelancers you can choose from. Everyone has their strengths, you can work with someone depending on the type of work.

We’re mainly doing translations, but there’s also a bit of co-creation and social posts. Recently, we had some subtitles that are more than just translations, because they really need to match. Again, we were very happy with the results.

Increased conversions – and brand awareness

The content on our website is mainly built for conversion, so you want people to be engaged and click on your calls to action. In this sense, specific pieces of content translated by Contentoo have certainly helped drive conversions and brand awareness for Showpad.

“ It’s also within our goals for the coming years to increase brand awareness and to make sure we have the right amount of conversions. So copy and content is very important there.”

For us, brand awareness is more of a long-term strategy, and it’s something we’re actively working on with Contentoo. It’s also within our goals for the coming years to increase brand awareness and to make sure we have the right amount of conversions. So copy and content is very important there. So far, I’m happy – and we’ll be able to measure the real results six to 12 months from now.

Long-term relationship with Contentoo

Once we have a partner, the idea is to work on that partnership. Brand awareness takes a long time, so we would prefer to work with the same people and same company over a longer period. As I see it, we evolve as we are evolving now, towards a longer-term partnership.

For instance, I don’t have to give much of a briefing to the freelancers. By now the copywriters and translators we typically use understand what I want and how I want it. They understand the Showpad brand. This means I only need to give a minimal briefing, and the content I need is always delivered on time.

That’s very pleasant to work with – the process is fast, the quality is good. There’s always a bit of a learning curve, but that’s normal. And if it evolves in this way, it will be very pleasant to continue working together.

“Everyone at Showpad is super happy with the quality of the localised content, and what I also like is that with the Contentoo platform you have multiple freelancers you can choose from. Everyone has their strengths…”

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Biren Van Herck

Marketing Program Manager EMEA

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