How Studytube localised content and increased conversions by over 80%


Conversion rate

Localising content for the DACH market led to an immediate 80% increase in conversion rates from ads and e-books.


Contentoo enabled Studytube to produce at least five new German-language content projects each month, enhancing market engagement.


Studytube can scale content production efficiently, tapping into Contentoo's pool of local experts as needed without the constraints of in-house resources.



Corporate Learning Management Systems


The Netherlands

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About the client

Studytube is the #1 learning platform for organisations and employees, designed to maximise time savings in organising learning. L&D professionals maintain control over results and devote their precious time to engaging employees with personal development.

Client needs

As Studytube expanded into the DACH region, they required effective adaptation and localisation of their Dutch content to resonate with German-speaking audiences, focusing on cultural relevance and strategic marketing alignment.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo provided Studytube with a dedicated team of freelancers for consistent localisation of content, ensuring cultural accuracy and maintaining the brand’s voice across new German-speaking markets.

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About Studytube

Studytube is an all-in-one digital platform for learning and development. Every day, it serves over 400 organisations and more than 500,000 employees in meeting their education goals. The fast-growing company is on a mission to unlock the potential of every employee. Since the company launched in the Netherlands in 2010, it has grown to include clients in all different industries, from education, to retail, to insurances, public sector, shipping and beyond.

Content is an important part of Studytube’s inbound marketing strategy. Through informative, engaging blog posts, eBooks, case studies, checklists, videos, webinars and podcasts, Studytube’s 14-person marketing team targets decision makers in HR and Learning & Development departments. Their content is tailored to support potential customers at every stage of the buyer journey. Thanks in part to their strong focus on value-added content, Studytube attracts 70% of its new leads in the Netherlands through its inbound marketing activities.

Studytube recently expanded to the DACH region, where it now has offices in Berlin and Cologne. Hakar Sidik, Head of Global Demand Generation explains how his team partnered with Contentoo to scale their Dutch content and apply their successful marketing strategy in the new market.

Resonating with audiences in a new market

After Studytube expanded into the DACH region, we needed a way to create a strong inbound marketing machine in our German-speaking markets, just like the one we already established in the Netherlands. There are lots of differences between these two markets.

We wanted to be able to cater to the way our new target audiences prefer to communicate and do business. So, we needed some additional help in understanding the market and developing the right content marketing approach. That’s why we decided to start working with Contentoo in the summer of 2022.

Our first step was to take a close look at our existing Dutch content and decide which assets it makes sense to localise for our German-speaking markets. We use Contentoo as our translation and localisation partner for converting core Dutch content like onboarding materials, blog posts and e-books into authentic German-language content that’s tailored to our audience’s culture and preferences.

Building a relationship with Contentoo's freelance talent

One thing you notice right away when working with Contentoo is that they connect you with a fixed pool of freelance talent. You work with the same people over and over. So, they know your brand, your process and your strategy.

This enables you to work efficiently and build a good working relationship. It also means the content keeps getting better and better over time. The freelance translators we work with from Contentoo have a strong knowledge of our business and our market as well as the SEO keywords we want to use.

“Contentoo’s freelance content creators are experienced in our industry and eager to learn more as we work together.”

Boosting conversions by 80% in just a few months

After working on localisation projects with Contentoo for several months, we decided we could benefit from getting a marketing strategist on board for the DACH region. We wanted someone who could do desk research, spot the trends, look at what our competitors are doing, and develop ideas for new market-specific content.

Contentoo connected us with an experienced marketing strategist on their platform. We worked with them to develop a content plan for the next 3 to 6 months and decide which kinds of content to create. Once we had that plan in place, Contentoo provided the freelance writers we needed to create the content.

Currently, we count on Contentoo to supply all our original content for the DACH region. They help us complete at least 5 new German-language content projects each month. The results have been outstanding.

Our conversion rate on our ads and eBooks immediately increased by 80%, and we’re seeing further increases each month. We’re showing our customers that Studytube understands their challenges and speaks the same language as they do.

Achieving quality, scalability, and flexibility with Contentoo

The biggest advantages of working with Contentoo are the quality, scalability and flexibility. In terms of quality, you can see the difference that it makes when you’re working with local talent who really understands the market you’re targeting.

It’s also important to remember that Learning & Development and Education Tech are pretty niche topics. Contentoo’s freelance content creators are experienced in our industry and eager to learn more as we work together.

Contentoo also lets us easily scale up our output when we need to publish more, or if we have a big deadline. Plus, we enjoy a lot more flexibility compared to working with in-house marketeers, because we don’t have to worry about fixed costs and fixed hours.

For example, we have a distribution partner in Finland, so we occasionally need content in Finnish. Contentoo lets us tap into local talent exactly when we need it, without having to bring in extra in-house staff.

“Contentoo is more than just a supplier to us. They are a partner who really help us overcome challenges and improve our content strategy.”

Hakar Sidik on expanding the relationship with Contentoo

After seeing what a difference Contentoo is making for us in the DACH markets, we’re planning to expand our collaboration in the year ahead. We’re looking forward to working with them to create new content for the Dutch market too.

If you’re looking for a content supplier that really takes the time to understand your business and your audience, then I can recommend working with Contentoo.

We feel like we’re building a strong relationship with the freelance content creators in our pool and the Contentoo client success team. It’s not like a traditional supplier relationship.

With Contentoo, there’s a healthy exchange of knowledge, and that knowledge stays within your freelance team and gets stronger over time. Plus, they’re always there when we need them. So, there are lots of good reasons for us to intensify our relationship with Contentoo going forward.

“Contentoo is more than just a supplier to us. They are a partner who really help us overcome challenges and improve our content strategy.”

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Hakar Sidik

Head of Global Demand Generation

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