How Visma overcame employer branding challenges



Visma saw significant increases in audience engagement and conversions from their content-driven campaigns.

Employer Branding

The collaboration led to more compelling employer branding that resonated with potential employees.

Content Scaling

Contentoo's scalable solutions allowed Visma to efficiently extend successful marketing strategies into new markets.

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Visma is a leading provider of mission-critical business software for a more efficient and resilient society. By simplifying and automating the work of companies and organisations of all sizes.

Client needs

Visma Netherlands aimed to enhance their employer brand and digital marketing to attract top talent amid high-tech sector demand. They needed engaging, high-quality content that reflected their unique values and culture.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo provided strategic content creation aligned with Visma’s branding goals. They facilitated a seamless collaboration process, ensuring content consistency across multiple markets and platforms.

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About Visma

Visma is one of the world’s leading providers of SaaS business software, enabling companies and organisations of all sizes to operate more efficiently and achieve their goals. What started as a local Norwegian tech firm has since grown into an international group of over 170 companies, working in 20 countries.

Today, Visma provides smart business tech solutions to customers all over Europe: in the Nordics, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Every company in the Visma Group shares a common vision of making progress happen.

Demand for top talent in the tech sector has reached record highs in recent years. Now more than ever, leading tech companies are discovering the value of projecting a strong employer brand that reflects their values.

To help achieve its recruitment goals, Visma Benelux partnered with Contentoo to produce engaging employer branding content, focussed on the copy side of the content. Within just a few months, the collaboration is already generating impressive results

Marketing Strategist Jet Bouwman shares her experiences on developing a compelling brand story and working with the freelance network on the Contentoo platform to strengthen Visma’s performance in the labour market.

What makes an authentic employer brand story

At Visma, our employer brand is important to us, both internally and externally. Within our companies, we want to cultivate a sense of pride about working here, and show everyone the bigger picture that they’re part of. Externally, we want to engage with talented potential employees on the job market.

In my experience, effective employer branding is always a team effort. It requires input from people teams, marketing, recruitment and, most of all, our employees. The more people you have involved, the more authentic your brand story becomes.

No one is more qualified to talk about working at Visma than our existing colleagues. That’s why we put them in the spotlight. Our recruitment marketing is a platform for letting our employee’s true stories shine. Contentoo does a great job of supporting us with that.

“Contentoo helps us put our employees in the spotlight and let their true stories shine.”

Overcoming unique employer branding challenges

We face two main challenges when it comes to employer branding: first, we’re operating in a very tight labour market. Finding the next generation of IT talent is a big focus for all our companies. Second, we are a very diverse ‘company of companies’.

Our headquarters is in Oslo, but we have a global workforce of over 14,000, approximately half of whom are coding, programming and writing our software. Some of our companies are very large, with over 500 FTEs. Others are much smaller and may not even have a marketing department in house.

Contentoo helps us overcome both of these challenges. They deliver the quality of content that we need to engage with our target audiences through social media and our website. Even though each of our companies is unique, Contentoo helps us speak with one tone of voice and project an employer brand that is distinct. And they are a fully scalable solution.

So, once we’ve created an effective asset or campaign in one of our markets, we can efficiently amplify it into other markets as well. Especially for our smaller companies, it’s really easy and smart to use Contentoo, because it gives them the support they need, whenever they need it.

Delivering strong results with help from Contentoo

In the summer of 2022, I asked Contentoo to help me create content for the first digital awareness campaign for Visma Netherlands, which is a relatively new market. By then, we’d been collaborating for several months, and I knew that I could trust them to serve as a sparring partner for this employer branding campaign.

Their freelance content creators are not just excellent writers, but also strategic thinkers with lots of experience in our industry. They bring a lot to the table.

“Each of our companies is unique, but Contentoo helps us speak with one tone of voice and a distinct employer brand.”

Contentoo helped me build a strong concept, and now this campaign is going through the roof. Each piece of content includes a combination of written text with an image or a video. The entire base of the written content is built on original stories and interviews from our employees. And the results are amazing.

For instance, within 2 weeks, we attracted 4 qualified candidates for hard-to-fill positions, we have reached more than a million people, and with a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 1.75% we can state that the quality of these impressions is really good. Our target audience is spending much more time on our careers page, and almost 80% of our traffic is from new users. We’ve also seen an increase in followers on LinkedIn.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the quality of the copy that we’re getting from Contentoo is making all the difference. Thanks to Contentoo, our content is attracting attention, sparking interest and getting candidates to click and engage with our brand.

Jet Bouwman on creating content with an edge

The biggest advantages of working with Contentoo for us have been the quality, collaboration, flexibility, scalability and speed. We can always count on Contentoo to deliver on time and provide high-quality content that captures our authentic employer brand.

Best of all, you have the feeling that you are building a longterm business relationship when working with Contentoo. The communication and interactivity on the platform are excellent. You get to know the freelance content creators one on one, so they understand your brand, your vision and your strategy— and the content just keeps getting better and better as a result. Our whole team is impressed with the process, the platform and the results.

“Thanks to Contentoo, our content is attracting our target audience’s attention and getting them to click and engage with our brand.”

“Each of our companies is unique, but Contentoo helps us speak with one tone of voice and a distinct employer brand.”

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