How Mollie scaled up their content localisation with Contentoo


Turnaround times

Mollie significantly reduced the time required to produce localised content, accelerating their marketing campaigns.

Content quality

The content localised by Contentoo performed strongly, reflecting a deep understanding of local markets and enhancing Mollie's SEO strategy.


The partnership provided Mollie with first-class support and scalable solutions, enabling them to adjust quickly to market demands and continue their rapid growth.

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About the client

Pioneers in payments and one of Europe’s fastest-growing payment service providers. Mollie's mission is to help businesses grow and democratise the digital economy by simplifying financial services.

Client needs

Mollie needed to scale content across multiple languages to support rapid international expansion and maintain consistent brand messaging. They sought a quality localisation partner to manage the increasing volume of content required for their diverse European markets.

Contentoo’s approach

Contentoo streamlined Mollie's content workflows, allowing for efficient scaling across multiple languages. They offered a dedicated Editor-in-Chief to set up briefings and maintain communication, ensuring content quality and alignment with Mollie’s brand voice.

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About Mollie

Mollie is an innovative payment service provider that has grown to become Europe’s third-largest fintech company. It was founded in Amsterdam in 2004 and has been creating world-class solutions to simplify financial services ever since. Today, it offers a range of over 120 payment plugins designed to help online businesses grow.

With a customer base of over 130,000 European businesses spread out across the continent, localised content is a key ingredient in Mollie’s marketing strategy. And with 400 to 500 new customers signing up each day, Mollie is also rapidly expanding its staff (with plans to nearly double it in the next year).

The company’s marketing team finds working with Contentoo as their localisation partner is helping them achieve their goals, says Senior SEO Manager Baptiste ‘Baba’ Hausmann.

Since partnering with Contentoo in 2020, Mollie has been able to rapidly scale its output and produce more high-quality localised content. Today, there’s always something new to be discovered on Mollie’s multilingual Content Hub.

Scaling content to keep up with the rapid international expansion

Currently, Mollie is active in five countries: the Netherlands and Belgium, where we are actually market leaders, as well as Germany, UK and France, which are newer markets for us. We also have customers in the rest of the world who visit our English-language Content Hub.

Our company started out 18 years ago in the Netherlands and focused only on the Dutch market for our first 13 years before expanding to Belgium. Then in 2019 we started operating in Germany and France. And we launched in the UK at the beginning of 2022. So, we’ve been scaling rapidly for the last few years.

We are slowly building an in-house localisation team, but it consists more of coordinators and not actual translators or localisers. And because there’s so much going on, and there will be even more to come, we definitely rely on having a strong localisation partner like Contentoo.

Baptiste on finding the ideal localisation partner

Working with Contentoo fits really well into our SEO and localisation workflow. We do the keyword research and work with an agency to create our original content. For example, we might start with a Germany-first piece of content. After that, we research additional keywords for the other markets, and then brief Contentoo to localise the content into whichever languages we want to target (English, Dutch or French).

From 3 to 50 localised pieces per month. At first, we were only localising a few pieces of content each month. But now, we sometimes need over 50 pieces each month. Creating all those briefings is never a problem, because Contentoo provides us with our own Editor-in-Chief on their platform.

Our Editor-in-Chief liaises with us and sets up the briefings on the Contentoo platform for us. They know exactly what we’re looking for, the communication is great, and it really streamlines the workflow and saves us lots of time.

Having that level of support from Contentoo as our localisation provider has been absolutely key for us to be able to roll out content fast in multiple markets.

Saving time and hassle with Contentoo's zero-learning curve platform

I think what attracted Mollie to Contentoo in the first place was simply a desire to do things more easily. We are a tech company, so we wanted a solution where you could click a button and everything would just work. And, of course, we love that they are also based in Amsterdam.

The great thing about working with Contentoo is that everyone can just self-serve. You log into the platform and create your own request for content localisation, content creation or whatever you need. And usually within minutes, a freelancer has accepted the assignment and is ready to get to work.

The UI is very simple and intuitive. There are no unnecessary buttons or fields. When I first started using it, I was sometimes even a little surprised at how simple it is.

Right from the start, I felt very comfortable using it. It’s very low-stress, with no learning curve, and it just got easier and easier. I also love the messaging tool, because it lets you interact directly with the freelancers who are working on your projects.

Creating the briefings with Contentoo is very easy. I mean, our Editor-in-Chief takes care of it all for us now, but back when we still did it ourselves, it was always really easy. This was important for me, as I know from experience that the quality of the briefing has a huge impact on the quality of the finished content.

The Contentoo platform really walks you through the process of creating the briefing, so you include all the right information and don’t leave anything out.

Creating localised content that performs

After working with Contentoo for the past two years, we at Mollie can say that they are delivering high-quality work for us —and the data proves it once the content goes live. The SEO content we’ve localised with Contentoo has performed very strongly.

“Contentoo delivers high-quality work for us—and the internal data proves it.”

Receiving first-class support every step of the way

The best thing about working with Contentoo for me is the level of support you get from their team. They really care about improving our scalability, and they contribute ideas on how we can achieve it.

Even though Contentoo platform is designed to give you full control and enable you to self-serve your content projects, you never feel like you’re just ‘on your own.’ You always know that there are real people behind it.

Baptiste Hausmann on the future and continuing to grow

Contentoo is absolutely a ‘need-to-have’ for Mollie. They’ve really enabled us to scale up our content output at a time when our company is establishing itself in important new markets. And they’re helping us achieve our goals.

We definitely intend to keep working with Contentoo for our localisation projects. We’ve been happy with the results. The contact with them has been great. The tool is extremely easy and convenient. And the quality is right.

Since we are a fast-growing company, it’s hard to tell how our needs might change in the future. But Contentoo has shown us that they have the flexibility to help us continue to scale.

I definitely recommend working with Contentoo, because of the support, ease of use and quality they deliver

“Our Contentoo Editor-in-Chief knows exactly what we’re looking for, the communication is great, and it really streamlines the workflow and saves us lots of time.”

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Baptiste ‘Baba’ Hausmann

Senior SEO Manager at Mollie

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