How PropertyGuru successfully refreshed content at scale by combining AI with talent


Organic traffic

Contentoo’s augmented AI model increased organic traffic with 14% (from 1.8mil to 2.1mil)

Conversion rate

Contentoo’s augmented AI model increased on-page Conversion rate with 24%

Reduced costs

Production cost per page, reduced by more than 80%

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About the client

PropertyGuru (NYSE: PGRU) is Asia’s #1 PropTech, operating a portfolio of property marketplaces, Fintech solutions and Data & (SAAS) software solutions.

Client needs

Eroding SEO positions due to vast amounts of outdated legacy content. PropertyGuru had not found a way to refresh legacy content economically.

Contentoo’s approach

Content refresh at scale through customer specific AI combined with selected Talent for moderation.

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About PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru’s real estate marketplaces are leading in each of their markets: Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. That leadership is rooted in superior property listing volumes and associated organic (Google) positions. Across the markets, PropertyGuru has more than 3 million live listings and manages more than 10 million pages structured along location, property type, price brackets, etc. as well as guides and news content to help visitors in their property search journey.

The majority of that content is created by people: real estate agents and editors. Some of it is machine-generated through inhouse developed content engines.

PropertyGuru is Asia’s #1 PropTech company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: PGRU). The Group operates a portfolio of leading real estate marketplaces, Fintech solutions and Data & (SAAS) software across Southeast Asia, serving more than 50M users monthly. The company is backed by KKR, TPG, Peter Thiel Capital and NewsCorp.

Business challenge PropertyGuru

Business performance for PropertyGuru is very much driven by its ability to generate quality traffic at low costs. Strong SEO positions are of critical importance and PropertyGuru had developed a strong capability towards that internally. With millions of pages under management, though, holding strong SEO positions had become too complex.

Google rankings had started to erode and PropertyGuru’s existing content operations were not able to scale within manageable costs. Initiatives to develop enhanced content generative tools internally had failed and the team realised it needed access to more advanced capabilities.

Specifically, PropertyGuru was looking for a solution that kept it’s critical-SEO content ‘always fresh’ and ‘brand-safe’. Brand safe meant that content would be factually correct, persuade the right customers to convert and be rated favourably by leading search engines.

Contentoo’s Approach

Contentoo first made an assessment of PropertyGuru’s content architecture and root causes for search engine erosion. It then established the parameters along which its solution had to be designed in order to structurally deliver better content performance. These parameters included elements such as:

  • What page types to focus on (eg location, vs property type, etc)
  • Breadth and depth of content
  • Quality (relevance and uniqueness) of content
  • Availability of relevant contextual data sources
  • And more

Contentoo then designed a generative-AI model specifically around PropertyGuru’s key content parameters. Core of the model was OpenAI’s chatGPT model, augmented by a bespoke NLP (Natural Language Programming) model that leveraged existing, relevant contextual data from a predetermines set of sources.

Objective of the solution was to enhance PropertyGuru’s content quality for a pilot volume of about 100 thousand pages and able to do so at pre-set repeat intervals. Contentoo also designed a ‘human intervention switch’ that would moderate AI-generated content at scale when necessary. Success was to be measured as:

  • Organic traffic: Increase organic traffic through enhances Google search rankings
  • Conversion rate: Increase on-page conversion through better product descriptions
  • Reduced Content Costs: Produce better content at scale at a fraction of regular costs

Contentoo’s impact delivered

  • A steep rise in organic traffic — Contentoo’s augmented AI model increased Organic traffic with 14% (from 1.8mil to 2.1mil).
  • Improved Conversion rate — Contentoo’s augmented AI model increased the on-page Conversion rate with 24%.
  • Content creation costs — Production cost per page reduced by more than 80%.

Because the AI model was augmented by client-specific contextual data, the content it generated was already brandsafe. As such, Contentoo did not have to activate the ‘human switch.’

On the basis of these impressive results, PropertyGuru decided to roll out Contentoo’s pilot AI-model across its full set of content types and geographies.

Relevance for other brands

Brands experience relentless pressure to grow. Often, actual growth delivered is suboptimal because of poor content along the conversion funnel. Brands focus on creating new content but have not found solutions for doing so economically or cannot keep existing content fresh at scale.

The essential challenges PropertyGuru faced were: How can we keep our vast volumes of content performing optimally, and how can we leverage content technology without introducing brand safety risks?

As such, Contentoo’s solution for PropertyGuru is relevant for any brand that:

  • Needs its online conversion funnel to perform better.
  • Needs its content capability to operate at higher productivity.
  • Has large amounts of legacy content online.

How your brand can benefit

Contentoo offers unique capabilities to deliver high-performing content at scale. That is because it has…

  • Selected generative AI — The Contentoo platform makes generative AI content creation accessible for all brands. You don’t need a vast IT department or in-house coding experience to leverage our powerful AI technology.
  • Complete oversight — Contentoo automates and streamlines your content creation workflow. With a single intuitive interface, you gain access to our AI software and our freelance creative community.
  • Curated creative talent — Once you’ve created a rough draft with our AI tool, our global network of creative talent steps in to ensure the highest standard of quality. That means: aligning content with your brand and tone of voice, ensuring 100% factual accuracy, and adding the creative touch that makes your content unique and engaging.
  • Full-service solution — Whatever your content-creation needs, we have you covered: from content creation, rewriting and editing, to localisation, design, SEO, strategic consulting and more. Our platform is your one-stop solution, offering all the technology and talent you need.

“Contentoo delivered spectacular Marketing ROI improvements with its use of augmented AI. It has given us a sustainable edge over competition.”

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